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Real and live sex. The minutes stretched endlessly, Angela watched the police officer sitting in her car.
What is he waiting for? The answer to her question was the first patrol car that appeared on the road.
“Looks like I’ll have to suck both of them,” thought Angela, recalling how she had sex with two guys six years ago.
The memories were pleasant, but she threw them away.

First of all, we must take matters into our own hands.
“It began,” Angela told herself, when the doors of both patrol cars opened, and from there two men in uniform came out.

Angela undid the top of her blouse for a better view of her breasts.
The deep hollow between the two magnificent hills has now fully opened to the gaze.
Looking at herself in the mirror, she was convinced that she looked seductive as always.
Having smoothed her long red hair with her hand, the actress leaned back and back. “Good morning, officer,” said Angela, as cute as she could when a policeman from her first car approached.
“Driving license and documents for the car, please,” he said, coming closer.

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And it was here that Angela realized how cool she broke off.
Her eyes rested on a pair of breasts, even more impressive than hers.
In addition, the man in the form had a bunch of dark hair on the back of his head and a milky-white face.
Sunglasses hid bright blue eyes.
“Of course,” Angela began plaintively, trying to keep at least the remnants of self-help, “I understand that I exceeded the speed.”
But I always treated with the deepest respect for people in shape.
Maybe you recognized me.
“I recognized you, Miss Foster,” the woman replied, according to the nameplate on her chest, her name was Clark.
– But, nevertheless, I still want to look at your rights and documents on the car.
“Naturally,” Angela replied, noting that the second patrol came from the other side.
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