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“I see,” said Nastya, “to repeat the same thing with another pen.”
– Yeah, – I nodded, – The cat sat on the palm.
Scratched a little bit.

Played, played.
And ran off somewhere.
I “ran away” with my fingers to the belly of Andryushin.
– On the meadow, on the meadow there is a bowl of cottage cheese, – I began to sentence, stroking the tummy of the child in a clockwise direction, – Two teteri arrived.
I ran two fingers over the puffy tummy of the toddler.
– Flew away – I smiled, returning to stroking.
– Funny poteshki, – Lenka smiled, – And how do you know so much? – Julia taught, – I replied, – Well, let’s continue? I began to stroke Andryushin’s legs along the entire length.
“This little bug walks on the ground,” I smiled gently, kneading the baby’s legs, “The sweet little leaf will find it and bite it: am-am-am.
I pinched both Andryushin’s ankles, again forcing the toddler to giggle.
“In order to find the leaf, it’s necessary to climb higher,” I continued, moving my fingers to Andryushina’s knee.
– Cool, – Ksyusha giggled.
“We are getting higher and higher with our fingers,” I explained, “And now the second leg.”

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“Wait,” Ksyusha asked with a laugh, “My bug did not climb to the very top.”
“It is clear where she is going with

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her fingers,” I grinned, watching the 12-year-old girl walking her fingers over Sasha’s thigh.
“And this little bug on the grass is walking,” I began to sentence, taking up the second Andryushina’s leg, “The sweet little leaf will find it and bite it: am-am.
This time I pinched Andryusha’s inner side of the thigh, smiling as the baby shuddered from tickling.
– Who said that? – Savchenko instantly alerted, – Continue.
“She checked the tablet for a second,” Alexander Mikhailovich.
“It all depends on the purpose of the transplant,” I shrugged.
“Well, finally,” Savchenko sighed, “The first person to inquire about the problem we are trying to solve.”
By the way, what problem were you going to solve, Maria Sergeyevna? – Suppression of immunity? – uncertainly looked at Savchenko “Masha”, – To prevent rejection of transplants.
– And why is it interesting, just to suppress? What kind of disease were you going to treat – Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s? Scientific research should always have a very specific goal.
Isn’t that right, Maria Sergeyevna? – Well, I wanted to explain the general approach.
– Masha-an excellent student tried to justify herself.
– And how do you think the “general approach” can help patients suffering from one of the incurable diseases I mentioned? How does their success in your examinations, interviews and dissertations affect their health? Noticing the tears of the Mach’s eyes, I felt a little sorry for her.
– So, Alexander Mikhailovich, – Savchenko turned to me, – What problem will we solve? Sex michelle webcam model.

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