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The door opened, only after the fifth bell, Peter automatically greeted and stepped into the apartment.
Raising his eyes, he did not immediately understand what he saw: Olga Stepanovna was standing in front of him, wrapped in a towel that barely covered her chest from the top and her bottom from below, her hair was wet, droplets of water were flowing down her shoulders and legs.
Apologizing for her appearance, Olga Stepanovna invited Peter to the room, and she ran to the bathroom.

Going into the room and sitting at the computer as usual, Perth caught himself thinking that his supervisor was wrapped in a towel before his eyes, until that moment Peter had never even thought of her as a woman, and then suddenly I could get this picture out of my head, he could not do it, and when she returned, dressed in a bathrobe, she sat down next to her and commented on her work.
Peter did not hear anything, he could only remember that, recalling the picture from the hallway, he could run his eyes from the legs to the neck of his leader, thinking that he hadn’t seen such perfect shapes and sizes for a long time.
What is with you today – said Olga Stepanovna.
Only having heard these words, Peter came to himself, and having shaken himself, plunged into a discussion of his work.
After half an hour of stormy scientific discussion, when former frivolous thoughts practically left the head of the young scientist, his gaze suddenly stopped at the point where the floors of the woman’s robe converged, forming something like a deep cleavage.
It was at this moment that Olga Stepanovna, reaching for a mouse, rested her chin on her arm, as a result of which the left side of the robe formed a bend and Peter’s left breast opened to his supervisor, after a few seconds, he tried to look away with remnants of will, but unknown force did not him to do it.

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He looked like enchanted at this divine hemisphere, which, in the rhythm of breathing, then rose, then fell, touching the pink nipple to the robe.
Peter never thought that a woman who gave birth could have such a large and at the same time resilient, generally so seductive chest.
It is not known how long he would have sat like that, but at a certain moment he suddenly felt Olga Stepanovna’s gaze on him.
– God, she noticed – flashed through his head.
– What to do? – She could not notice where I see.
– But why is she silent? Why not fixing a bathrobe? – These thoughts were rushing in his head at the speed of light, the heat that rushed to his groin seemed to move to his head, still there was no strength to look away.
From the state of Peter, close to trance, he twisted a touch to his hand, he started and looked at the table, saw Olga Stepanova’s long thin fingers clutching his palm, and in the surrounding silence there was a creak of chair rollers, holding his hand Olga Stepanovna pulled herself tight against Peter , their faces turned out to be a couple of centimeters apart, Olga Stepanovna leaned in front and bent her head to kiss Peter, gently touching her lips with slightly.
Petra pierced something like an electric shock, he shuddered violently and pulled back from the woman who had just kissed him.
“What’s wrong with you, Petya,” asked Olga Stepanovna, dragging his hand towards her, “you, that you have never been kissed?” With these words, Olka Stepanovna laid her hand on Petin’s cheek

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– Olga Stepanov – Perth finally squeezed out, what are you doing? – What do you think? “Smiling,” she replied, “did you see that?” – I saw how you looked at my chest just now, and in the hallway.
– But Olga Stepanovna is your husband, child – he began to stray, justifying himself.
– Husband and child in the country, besides, he has not slept with me for two years – she said harshly.
“You want this, and I need it now, but rather I need you Petya, you like me.”
– With these words, Olga Stepanovna freed her shoulders from her robe, a pair of nipples protruding with “goose-skin” stared at Peter.
Olga gently stroked Perth on the cheek.
Perth realized that something was finally happening to him that “usually happens to others all the time.”
He slowly removed her hand from his face, pulled her chair closer, and slowly approached, kissed her tender pink lips, at first barely touching, then bolder, she answered him. Sex videos hd full online.

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