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“We don’t have a pot,” answered Sveta, “Nina is already a big girl and walks on the toilet.
But I will take a wash for the floor. ”
“You carry a mug and an enema, and I am a wash!”, I suggested, and Svetka agreed with this.

Armed items for enema, we went to the room Ninochka.
The girl was sitting on the couch and watching TV.
Ninochka! “, I said,” Aunt Enema came to visit you! Cut the telly, lift platitsa up, and pantyhose and panties pull down! “.
“No, I do not agree on an enema!”
Svetka, in the meantime, turned off the TV, lifted the girl’s dress and in one fell swoop pulled off her niece pantyhose with panties to her knees.
Then we jointly laid a crying, sobbing girl on the sofa, turned her on her left side, bent her legs at the knees and pressed her to the tummy.
Sveta with one hand held Nina by the knees, with the other – by the body.
I took a box of Nivea cream, plentifully smeared it with the enema tip and the index finger of my right hand.
Then, with my left hand, I threw up the girl’s already opened buttocks and put the smeared finger into her srachochka.
Ninochka nervously twitched.
“Do not worry, Ninotchka,” I said, “I just check why this hole does not let go of myself.”
Well, yes, how can she let out, if everything there is as solid as a stone.
But never mind, now let some water in there, rinse and how it goes whistling. ”
I dragged my finger and put the enema tip in its place, and then squeezed the pear in both hands.
The contents of the enema gurgling poured into the intestines of Ninochka. Sports cam password.

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