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He got to the company thanks to all the same fatherly connections, however, he was climbing the job ladder only thanks to his own mind and talent.
Martin could only be envied.
He had everything: money, his own house in Los Angeles, where he moved to work, a brand new Lexus and girls, with whom he often went to rest on the Caribbean islands, and who often changed shirts.

He could afford it, especially since none of them really loved.
And yet, as is often the case, he felt that something was missing in his life, as if there was a gaping hole in his soul, which he simply could not fill with anything.
He often started to get involved in new and new things – camping, hiking, and at one time even enthusiastically collected coins, stamps and beer caps – but it was not that.

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His whole life has changed dramatically, in an instant, turning upside down.
He met her.
This happened at one of the many parties to which Martin was invited, arranged by one of his trading partners.
On that day, Martin was not in the mood to go somewhere, but he could not but go, because he promised that he would not miss the evening.
Therefore, having politely greeted the host and several friends who could not miss the fun and free treat, he decided to just sit a little aside, occasionally exchanging a word or two with the guests.
Then, peering from nothing to do to the crowd of elegantly dressed guests, he saw her.
It was the creation of a fabulous beauty, in an elegant turquoise, dress with a deep neckline, seductively fitting a fragile, chiseled body with a beautiful, firm-looking chest, rounded buttocks and long legs, which seemed to take its origin from a thin, flexible neck.

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Long, slightly wavy blonde hair fell in a gentle stream on her shoulders and descended to the middle of an elegant back, framing an angelic face with beautiful blue eyes, a small nose and full sensual lips.
A charming woman, holding a glass of white wine in her hand, stood at the high window, peering into the bottomless, dark night, answering in return to some merry man with slick hair, clearly not very keen on his company.
What forces forced him to take the next step, Martin did not know.
He just as if hypnotized got up from his place, and without taking his eyes off the girl, moved toward her through the crowded hall.
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