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They also really wanted to draw on mom, and he singled out his mother’s legs to her knees, which instantly became covered with colored spots and flourishes.
His wife’s eyes sparkled, and I saw that she was not at ease – all this caused some kind of intense experience in her.
And the artist, meanwhile, went down on his tummy, then – below, getting close to the most cherished.

He asked his wife to push the legs apart.
and I thought – would he draw directly on the genitals? And only I thought it – he touched the lips of the genital brush.
Wife closed her eyes.
Suddenly, I saw that she spread her legs wider and began to slightly move the pelvis, as if pushing a vagina on the hand.
The artist said “calmly, do not twitch,” and held her hand over the ass, continuing to put strokes on the labia.
I felt something was wrong, and at the same time my wife jerked sharply, knocking down a paint brush (drawing a curve over her thigh), a stifled moan escaped from her, she frantically clung to the artist like a cat into a tree – and everyone saw her hips going in , and from a vagina drops of white foam splashed.
The poor thing finished – in front of dozens of people! Everyone was embarrassed, but what was done with me – I can not even describe.
The artist, too, was taken aback, tried to hold her hands – and she jerked all over, closing her eyes, then went limp and sank onto the sand.
Without opening her eyes, she quietly said “sorry.”
Our youngest screaming: “Mom has checked in!” The elder was silent, feeling a trick, but not understanding him. Watch masters of sex online free season 1.

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