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Suddenly, Alex felt the poop in his ass finally moved.
The girl, with no less zeal, continued to use her index finger to massage the boy’s anus and thus stimulated the contraction of the boy’s sphincter muscles.

The girl was already taking out little pieces of feces with a nail from the boy’s ass.
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Arinka giggled.
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Arinka continued massaging the Leshny anus ring while vigorously, stimulating the boy’s intestinal bowel movement.
Finally, Lesha vykakal all and felt the desired relief in the lower abdomen.
Arinka wiped her finger on a plantain leaf.
The boy began to wipe himself and thanked the girl: – Thank you, Arin.
You did so great to me there, so I immediately wanted to poop.
– Oh, Lesh, foo, nafunil something like: – wrinkled her nose in response to the girl.
– Let’s wipe faster and go play again.
And my mother used to do this to me when I was little.
And you, when you still want to crap and you won’t get it again, you can ask me.
I’ll rub there and you will immediately expel everything.
The boy once again thanked the girl and they went to play further. Watch online full sex videos.

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