Wife caught having sex on hidden camera.

Wife caught having sex on hidden camera.
My name is Anton, I am 21 years old and for 5 years now I have dreamed of sleeping with my best friend.
We are friends with him from school, We have a lot in common and we often spend time together, and what happened on that wonderful day made our friendship even stronger and more interesting.
By the way, I’m not gay, and even not quite bi, I like girls and I do not feel attracted to other men, but Seryoga, everything is different with him.

Perhaps I first started thinking about having sex with him when I met Furi and Yiff Art on the Internet.
I hid my attraction from him and could only afford

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Sergey is of the same age, of medium build, just like me, except that he has a slightly better developed musculature, and on the contrary, my features are smoother.
From my mother, I inherited a graceful physique, thin waist and ass on her background looks good.
On a wonderful day, after work we planned to sit in my apartment, watch a movie or two, in general, nothing unusual.
There were no girls with us, Seryoga and his one ran away last week, but I didn’t get along with my own one.
In general, the usual summer evening.
It was hot outside, so after going to the shower and taking a couple of bottles of cold beer from the fridge, we sat down to watch the kints, turn off the light, leaving only one light.
At the very end of the film, I felt the need to cast.
As I left, I told Seryoga that he would look for something else to see.
While flushing the toilet, I began to think about Seryoga, as he was just lying, without a shirt, next to me, on the same bed, about how he, in his underpants, left the shower today.
From these thoughts, pleasant vibrations appeared inside me, but, having washed my hands, I slowly walked back.

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Gray was sitting at the computer.
And then I felt like a shock! Well, I forgot to hide far away what I downloaded on one site just a few days ago.
On the screen flashed one Flash movie that I downloaded, in which one huge dragon was enthusiastically fried in the backside of a cute, anthropomorphic dog.
The view was from below, so the whole process was perfectly visible, as was the fact that they were both male.
I literally rooted to the floor, and frantically looking from the screen to Seryoga.
Gray looked at me.
– ABOUT! Heck! Anton.
– Chert – Damn, I’m this thing.
– Chert! Why go there ?? – Yes, I was looking for a movie, as you said! – CHCH.
Damn it !!! Burning with shame, I fell into bed with despair.
– Well, now you know what turns me on.
Yes, turn off already !!! “So what, it doesn’t even bother me at all.”
– Come on?! – Well, okay, a little surprised.
But you like chicks! There you have even one.
– Okay, man, let’s better just turn in someone else and forget.
– Ok, man, no problem, forget everything, okay.
The film, of course, did not interest me, Seryoga nearby, as it were, was deliberately funny laughing at the actors’ jokes, but I kept thinking that my secret passion was revealed, whether the relations between us would change now.
Behind such thoughts I finished the bottle of 4 in a row and depraved little ideas again flashed in my head.
And suddenly, succumbing to the impulse, I blurted out – Gray, and let me give you a blowjob? Since such pies.
He looked at me strangely, then he began to laugh, but I continued to look at him.
He stopped abruptly, looked at me and grinned.
– “Lets do it”.
He answered.
Putting the bottle aside, I slid to the floor and knelt in front of him.
With unbending fingers, I unbuckled the belt on his jeans, then the zipper.
I looked at him timidly as if I immediately entered the role of an inexperienced girl, he closely followed my movements.
Unbuttoning my fly, I pulled the jeans on myself until I took them off completely.
With a wave of joy and excitement I saw that a member of a friend confidently loomed a big knoll through his underpants.
A little emboldened, I stuck my fingers under the elastic of cowards and, leaning my face closer to his penis, slowly began to take them off.
Cowards slowly crawled down to baring a member until it popped out.
My head went round with excitement, I took a hot, resilient member in my hand and gently exposed my head.
How beautiful he was, I then thought that I had never seen such beauty in any porn movie.
19 centimeters long, with a big, beautiful head, and the thickness is the most! Wife caught having sex on hidden camera.

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