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Up to you.
What’s your pleasure?” “Oh, I need it right now.
” “So do I.
Let’s relax in the chairs and have the boys service us.
” “Oh, goody!” The girls returned to their chairs, sliding so they were almost reclining with their legs spread. Cinese dating.
“Come here, boys, and undress us,” Sondra commanded.
Jethro knelt before Jenna and tugged down the zipper of one of her boots.
“Miss Jenna, you made my bum sting a lot.
It still does.
It’s an honor to be your first spankee, and you’re quick learner. Audrey bitoni at threesome.
” He helped her out of her boots and slipped down her jodhpurs, taking the skimpy thong with them.
“If it would please you, I’ll stimulate your breasts and nipples.
” Jenna loved being asked.
The emphasis centered on her pleasure, not his. Big sexy hair cfc.
“You’d better, or I’ll whip you again.

” His hands went under her shirt and pushed her bra up.
He cupped her breasts and rolled his thumb over her nipple.
At the same time he kissed her inner thighs, preparing to lick her. Aphrodite18 hc nude.
Sondra giggled.
“Jenna, you’re a very good student.
You just had a a practical lab, now comes the lecture.
Pay close attention, they’ll be a quiz at the end.
” Everyone laughed.
“You had an introduction to the three types of spankings: hand spanking, paddling, and caning. Young ukrainian nudist pageant.
“Hand spankings are traditional, give the submissive a childlike feeling and the dominant the superior position.
It’s very intimate because your bodies are in contact and your genitals are close together. Sexxxx100.
A hand spanking lends itself to sexual play and is often a terrific part of foreplay.

There are techniques I’ll teach you later.
” Jethro, having worked his way to the top of her thighs, sucked on Jenna’s pussy lips. Christian dating in dallas.
Her breathing deepened.
“Paddles come in all sorts of materials and sizes, household items to purpose made paddles like we used.
They hurt more than a hand spanking, are noisier, both in the application and in the response. Turkish webcam sex.
As you know, they make the buttocks a very warm and rosy red all over.
Paddles impart pain by thudding.
” One of Jethro’s hands slid down Jenna’s torso and two fingers slipped into her pussy as his mouth and tongue concentrated on her clit. Whispering pines nudist camp.
“Caning is a general term for using any thin, usually round, implement.
Some are rigid, like our quirts, some are flexible and require more practice.
Canes impart a sharper, more focused explosion of pain. Looking for woman 2045 for nsa sex.

This is generally called sting as opposed to thud, and spankees usually prefer one to the other, but we don’t care.
We do whatever we want to them… oh, that feels good, Seth.
” Jenna closed her eyes, savoring the sensations filling her body. Christian dating how to know.
“Nice lecture, but I’m more distracted than I ever was in class.
” They both laughed aloud, joined by the boys’ muffled responses.
Jenna felt the breast Jethro’d abandoned with one hand and pushed his head more tightly to her with the other. Female dominatrix double dildo.
With several loud cries, she orgasmed, with Sondra’s gasps joining hers a few seconds later.
Sondra rolled farther back onto the seat of the chair and gripped the backs of her thighs.
“You can tilt just like face sitting. Bikini millions quicktime.
” Jenna imitated her more experienced friend and experimentally rotated to present the lower part of her bum.