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” Kal could tell that his mother didn’t fully approve of her son having relationships with multiple women.
She sighed and picked up her knitting, “How do you plan on dealing with it if you have children with them?” His mother looked up at his face when he was silent, then brought her knitting needles down to her lap, “Kal… No…” “Sorry, mother, but the answer is yes, Aradelle and I have a daughter together. Big thighs boobs.
If you can’t deal with your first granddaughter being an alarune I understand.
However, if you are okay with it then I’d like to take you to her little grove in a few weeks when she starts to sprout.

” Kal’s mother stared at him, blinking repeatedly as she processed everything he just said. Anal sex tricks.
“Sprout? Are you joking?” she asked cautiously.
Kal shook his head, “Not at all, you can ask Perra when she comes in since she was there for the birth.
Admittedly, it was a little strange to see my first-born child as a large seed instead of a baby. Chubby deep sex.
” “Little?” his mother asked.
“Perhaps that’s understating things a, but Ikuno has been adamant that I need to be able to adapt to new information and situations quickly once I strike out on my own.
Downplaying things seems to help me do just that.

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” “Really? What other things have you been ‘downplaying’,” she asked.
Kal sighed, all or nothing he figured, and he was already in this far.
The Haste rune on his vambrace lit up and started spinning but he never activated it, “This rune here, is mine. Erotic nude having her pussy eaten.
Not ‘I drew it’ or ‘I found it in a book’.
To my knowledge, this exact rune doesn’t exist anywhere else.