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You were too engrossed in what you were doing to notice but I saw everything.
It was quite… entertaining.
” She closed her eyes and let out a little moan, her pussy was getting wetter by the moment.
She took a deep breath and looked into his eyes, her bottom lip trembled, she wanted him to kiss her. Sexy young girls arses.
She spread her legs wider and raised her eyebrow at him, biting her bottom lip.
“I see,” he said, stopping suddenly.
“Well before we get into that, there’s another matter we need to take care of.
” Mr.
Cramer went around to the side of his desk and picked up his briefcase, setting it on the seat of his chair and opening it. Yang transgender handjob dick and interracial.
He reached in and pulled out a long piece of plywood, an inch and a half wide and twenty four inches long.
It had a small handle at one end and what looked like ruler markings along its length.
“Have you ever been to Catholic school, Miss Robertson?” “No, sir.
” “Well I spent five years in Catholic school.

Let me feel your wet pussy around my cock.
And I mean the “old school” Catholic school, Miss Robertson.
Complete with the mean Sister who used a ruler on wayward children.
I remember that ruler well.
And I have recreated it here – with a few twists of my own! Sexy mom showing pussy. This ruler will not break when used and it is slightly heavier and more effective on an errant ass.
“W-WHAT!!” Amy retorted.
“That’s right, Miss Robertson.
You are going to start off your new job as my slut, with a little ‘motivational retraining’. Ioiwa dating.
We have to approach this with the right frame of mind you know!” he said.
“You…you can’t do that!” she said, shocked.
“Oh?” Mr.

Cramer bent her over the front edge of his large desk.
“We’ll see about that. Bondages slut suck penis load cumm on face.
Now grab the edge of the desk and do not move your hands.
If you do, we will just have to start all over.
” She did as she was told, not believing what was happening to her.
He hoisted her skirt up over her back, exposing her naked white ass. Malvinella online sexy video chating.
He gently rubbed her white firm flesh and Amy moaned in spite of herself.
His caress felt soo good… SMACK! The “ruler” landed solidly on her right ass cheek.
Amy squealed and tried to stand upright, but he was ready for her and shoved her back down onto the desktop.
“I thought I told you to grab the edge of the desk and not to move. Wadesville indiana swingers club.
Guess that one doesn’t count!” he said.
SMACK! Again the ruler fell – this time across her left ass cheek.

A bright red mark remained from where the ruler landed.
“Yeeeowch!” Amy squealed again “Please Mr. Jenna finnegan dating.
Cramer! Please don’t!” “Your pleas and crying aren’t going to help you, Miss Robertson.
You have been very bad and could have cost me my job! Now you are going to be punished soundly!” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Beallsville md wife swapping. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Six hard swats in quick succession landed on Amy’s bare ass.
She didn’t have a chance to scream or even try to get away.
She just laid across the table with her back arched, open-mouthed and wide eyed until she found her voice.
“YEEEEEOOWWWWWW!!!! Porn girl nude roman. OH, PLEASE Mr.
Cramer! Please! I’ll be good!” she pleaded.
“I’m sure you will, Miss Robertson.
But we are not finished just yet.
” With his left hand he grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her head back.
“Take off your blouse!” he commanded her.
“WHAT?? Naked girls the pas the pas.