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Arinka looked at the thirsty boy with interest.
– What, does not work, yes Lesh? – boy Arinka asked sympathetically.
She really wanted to help her friend to ease.

– Yes, n-nnikak: – the boy gasped, straining the muscles of the anus, but again nothing happened.
He is already tired of squatting.
Suddenly the girl offered the boy: – Oh, Lesh, let me help you? – But as? – the boy Arinku asked puzzledly.
“Please stand on all fours, please,” the girl asked the boy.
– And pop me a little ass.
I’ll do something for you there, and you can immediately poop.
The girl remembered how her mother made her when she was still very small and was sitting on a pot and she also could not poop at all.
And now Arinka decided to do the same to Leshke.
The boy, of course, was very embarrassed to expose his bare ass to the girl, albeit his girlfriend, who, he knew, would not tell anyone anything, but he very much wanted to poke and get rid of the load in the gut.
And the boy was on all fours, putting up his ass.
After the boy got down on all fours, the girl approached him from behind, squatted in front of the boy, slightly poklyuyavila her index finger and gently touched them to the boy’s anus.
Arina began to drive in a circular motion along Lesha’s anus, sometimes putting her finger in the shallow way.
The boy was very pleased by such actions of the girl.
Then the boy felt the girl push his middle finger into his anus, overcoming the resistance of the muscles of the boy’s sphincter ring.
– And by the way, you haven’t popped for a long time: You have a poop there already almost near the hole, – and indeed, having plunged the finger the entire length of the anal sex of the boy, the girl felt her finger resting on a hard poop. Adult sex cam to cam.

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