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Observing this scene from the secret room, Gabriel Stepanovich, turning purple in his face, undid the tight collar of his uniform, but did not tear himself away from the picture.
He stretched out his hand, fumbled his glass with brandy, drank it in one gulp and grunted, put it on the table.
– That’s because what are the rascals get up! There is nothing sacred! ”He twirled his head, it was time to return to the beloved wife Pelagia Fominichna, with whom he was married, and three charming children had come down.

I pulled the cord of the bell to call the crimson.
And he’s already here.

Fedka-rascal, agile, thievish eyes and run, lascivious mug, napkin spread over his hand: – What, if you please,? – What did you take for fashion, beast, ask.
If you do not know.
They came to me like her.
Ugh, you, devil, completely flew out of my head.
– Mademoiselle Polina want? Which in a mozhet? With swallow? – And if you know, so why ask? In the face wanted? Oh, hrappoidol? – No, sir! We will deliver these seconds, in the best possible way!

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Don’t worry! And after a few minutes a small knock on the door of the room.
In the lighted doorway, a short girl stood, in a close-up gymnasium dress, of brown color, which did not hide or twitch her protruding breasts.
A narrow black lacquer belt was tightly stretched to the waist, and the pltie on the side slightly opened, as if by chance, so that anyone could see the black mesh stockings, which covered tight calves.
The maiden slowly walked up to the roundabout one, swaying her tight hips tightly wrapped in a dress, sat down in a knicken, lowered her eyes imperiously, as if pulling the edge of a black uniform apron in constraint.
– How does a little mamselka feel? – fingers okolotochnogo like a pair of thick sausages touched her cheeks.
– The head hurts a little bit and below, well, you know where the writing is.
-Also looking at the floor barely audible fenced maid.
– My sweet, this disease is reparable, you will drink cognac for this second and remove everything like a hand – the man smiles, looking fiercely at her thighs and poured breasts.

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