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What photos? Olga smiled and took a camera out of her purse.
Scrolling through a certain number of photos, she opened those few photos where Sergey was up.
l dope.

For a minute, the young man stared, unable to believe what he saw.
Give it, – he croaked, – Give me the camera! Netushki, – answered the girl, – You can not try to take away.
I saved these pictures on my computer and at any time I can post them for your teachers and parents.
And even in the Internet to throw.
I tried it only once! I had exams.
– hesitated young man.
Olga laughed.
Well, of course, dear, but hardly anyone will believe you, – she became serious, – So, listen to me carefully.
You have to do everything that I tell you, and then I will not publish these photos.
Got it? Seryozha thought.
And how much will I need to carry out your orders? Your business is not to ask, but to answer.
How much I want.
I ask again, agree? Or still show pictures? The young man shook his head frantically.
No, no, just do not show! I agree! Olga smiled wickedly.
“- Now he is in my hands.”
In the meantime, brought coffee. Best webcam pornstars.

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