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After a moment, I felt a new wave inside.
Then I shot cum again.
She gasped and tried to push my organ out of her mouth, but only tried and continued to do everything that was necessary.

Olga sucked and swallowed as fast as she could.
But she still did not know how and streams of sperm flowed down her chin.
I let it go.
She stretched out on her back, defeated, with a thin stream of sperm flowing from the corner of her mouth, sticky hair.
Through them, I controlled the movements of her head, and from that there was a feeling of soft silkiness in my hand.
I took the penis out of my mouth and cummed a little on her face.
I took the dick out of her lips and my daughter wiping her soiled mouth with her hand looked at us with Dima and wept.
It was nice to look at her naked body, pretty face, realizing that my paternal sperm is now floating in her insides.
Her whole head was sticky from all sides of my seed.
Now, both son and daughter love to lie on my lap when I sit on the sofa and watch TV, and hold my cock in my mouth, gently suck and lick the eggs.
I am pleased, I gently stroke my son on the head, removing hair from my face so that they do not interfere with my sucking and I could clearly see how he flicked his tongue over his penis and eggs.
“Get up! I want to fuck you today in the mouth until the end.”
Son obediently gets off his penis and lies on his back on the sofa.
I sit down on the chest of my son and insert a dick into his readily open mouth.
He starts to suck the head and looks into my eyes – I like to see his face.
I take the penis out of my mouth and start to drive them on the cheeks, poke on the lips, slap on the face.
Then he lifts up and my eggs fall on his lips.
I gently begin to suck one testicle into my mouth – both do not fit, and caress my tongue in my mouth, leading to the hairy skin of

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the scrotum.
I’m moaning and starting to jerk my cock hard, pulling on my skin.

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He likes to rub eggs on his face.
“Here’s a good suck, well done: my favorite slut, my son is such a good nipple, I’m so proud of you, let me lick everything, give me a better look: Wait:” Dad almost finished: he likes to delay orgasm, dad loves to fuck for a long time and teaches you this
I turned over his face so that his balls and muscular, hairy buttocks were above his eyes and pulled his head a little from the couch down.
I put Dima a dick in my mouth and started to fuck, swaying strongly, inserting and removing the dick completely.
My balls squeezed, the dick stopped in my son’s mouth: I quickly pulled the dick and the son, clasping it with my palm, began to podravchit and produce sperm: a white jet sprayed Dima on the face, I put the dick back in my mouth and let it all go, carefully swallowing all to a drop.
I growled from pleasure, clinging with all my might to my son’s body.
“Oh, everything: oh, my sweet: well, come on, lick me all good!” Dad loves when, after he finishes, you give him a relaxing massage of the genitals with his tongue.
I lick the remnants of sperm and their juices.
I lounged on the sofa, and Dima obediently massages tongue dick and eggs.
I gently iron him on the head, and Dimka sticks into his armpit and inhales with pleasure the smell of a sweaty man.
Good taste is a good start.
Further, when everyone was accustomed to our routine, I wanted a new one.
And it happened.
A few days went around the city, sunbathed.
I kept an eye on the locals.
I wanted to find Arabs who would fuck my children, and I myself would have been present.
On the 3rd day, I went into a shop with cloths and some kind of rags.
There was a local in a white coat or shirt to the floor.
In English, I asked him if he knew anyone who would be interested in young boys and girls? And preferably with a big dick.
He said that he knew and that we would come to his shop in the evening.
In the hotel I told the children, then tonight there will be a surprise for them and that they would start preparing for the evening.
Dima went to the bathroom and began to wash his intestines and stretch a point.
Olka went with her brother.
I know how they usually do: Olga removes the watering can from the hose and inserts Dime in the ass.
When he fills, he pulls it out and starts squeezing out all the water.
Olga at this time licks his balls and dick.
Then he fucks her in the bathroom in her pussy and mouth.
In general, they washed for about an hour.
By 7 pm we were ready to meet with ebari.
We walked around the city, I carried my daughter in my arms and no one could even think where we were going for him.
I put two fingers of the girl in my pussy under my panties and moved them while we were walking. Big boobs webcam girl.

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