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Sergey went to the kitchen and brought a broom.
He unraveled the rope with which he was tied and

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took a thin long rod.
It is necessary to moisten in salt water, – said Vadik.

– let me help you.
Vadik went to Luce, leaned over and kissed her on the lips.
I love you, he said.
I love you too, she answered.
Vadik struggled through her armpit and, once in the corridor, looked at Lucy.
Well, how? – asked Lucy.
Red stripes, – said Vadik.
Okay, go, ”said Lucy,“ salt on the top shelf.
For a while, Vadik and Sergey fumbled in the kitchen, pouring water into a basin, dissolving salt in it and soaking the rods (soak about ten at once — economic Lucia shouted to them).
I’ll start right off the hook, ”she said.
I stroked her back and smiled.
As you say.
Meanwhile, Vadik and Sergey finished with rods and returned to the corridor.
Vadik put the basin on the floor, and Sergei took one rod and shook water from it on the floor.
The whip with a whistle cut the air.
Vadik, will you watch from there? – asked Lucy.
Yes, – said Vadik.
No, – said Lucy, – you will disturb Serezha.
If you want, then you will separate me separately.
Well, – Vadik agreed melancholically, she crawled into her room under her armpit and returned to the sofa.
On his trousers is clearly a bulge.
Olya noticed this, got up from the chair and approached him.
Can I sit with you? – She asked, sat down next to him and put her hand on his penis.
Of course, – answered Vadik.

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Masha looked at them and also extended her hand to my dick.
He had long been ready to move to some more suitable refuge than tight jeans.
Masha unzipped the zipper and pulled it out.
I still caress hand, – she said, – I want to look.
I nodded silently.
None of us noticed how Sergei delivered the first blow.
The whistle of the rod, a soft click, and behind it — Lucy screams.
Apparently, she did not immediately feel real pain, because Sergei managed to inflict two more blows when Lucy screamed into her voice.
Apparently, the salt began to soak into the skin at the point of impact.
Lucy twitched all over, as if she wanted to throw off the ropes.
Sergey continued to flog her, more and more falling into a rage.
After the fifth or sixth strike, Lucy started screaming without stopping.
Vadik unfolded Olga with her ass, got up, pulled her dress up and, putting it in front of him, inserted a member into it.
Vadik and my wife fucked, never taking their eyes off the tortured Lucy.
I decided to follow their example.
I put my hand on Masha’s shoulder, but she already understood everything herself.
She got up, took off her dress over her head and almost fell down on my dick.
In her hole was hot and cramped.
She sat with her back to me, with her hands on my knees and began to quickly move her ass.
Painfully! Stop it! Do not! Have mercy – shouted Lucy.
However, the agreed word was not uttered and Sergei continued to whip it with a rod.
It was obvious that he was excited and at some point he threw the rod, untied the ropes on Lucy’s hands, unbuttoned his trousers and, tilting her forward, inserted the member into her from behind.
He began to fuck her furiously, with all his might, but he finished very quickly.
After that, he sank to the floor.
Lucy slowly sank onto the carpet, facing forward.
Olga and Masha stopped their movements, got down from our members and Vadik and ran to Luce.
Wow, ”said Olya.
Vadik and I also approached.
The whole back, ass and legs of Lucy were streaked.
There is literally no living place on her body.
Masha untied Lucy’s legs and she, breathing heavily, crawled up to Sergei and licked his cock. Bongacams odr.

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