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What I did.
And now before me smokes a bowl of fragrant chowder.
Armed with a bent spoon and a piece of rusk, I famously began to slurp without fear of scalding the sky.

I love to blink from boiling water, you know.
Crush tears, then drip into the plate.
There is a buzz in it! – Bah, and this is what you swim in the soup? – I asked.
There was some strange onion in the broth, so I decided to inquire if my mother cooked the same kind of swine for me.
– And then Colorado flutters! – Said the old, – Ty bite? As I sat with my mouth open, I remained sitting still.
Spoon fell right on the branded workout, scald his thigh.
What does this mold have in the head? Where did she find such an exotic recipe? – Are you crazy crazy, damn grandmother? – I exploded.
– And on the second earthworm with cheese offer? – You do not boil, granddaughter.
– Grandmother stretched Grandma.
– Better go change your clothes in clean.
I’m already out, ironed out.
Entering the hall, I found two bales of linen.
From one of them smelled of war and death, and from the other – ssakami.
I liked the last one.
You know, all these crafty ryushechki, stretched pantaloons, pontovye scarves with Khokhloma.
There is something in it.
Throwing off the hated rags, I put on a woman’s attire and immediately felt the harmony with the universe.
But the floorboard creaked and I found a hunched woman behind me.
All this time she was here in the room, while I was completely lost my concentration, attention, and shamelessly glittered with my bare buttocks right in front of my grandmother, because of the type of lingerie.

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– Oh, you look at him.
Unshlak on the Volga! – scoffing old scoffed.
– It would be better if I tried on my grandfather’s cap.
– Grandma, leave the room, please.
– I could not resist – I can not, when you stare at my loins! Humming and shuffling, the grandmother moved to the doorway with obvious discontent.
But she walked for ages, despite the fact that I simply exhausted from the desire to try on her cap.
And only the old woman disappeared from view, as I completely naked at that very moment and put on the very headdress.
I have no idea what happened the next moment, but in my head sounded furiously “Play, harmonica beloved!” and I, unwittingly, set off to dance.
Mysticism and only.
I was worn around the table as obsessed over and over again as if in some kind of Slavic round dance.
Winding on the next circle, I noticed a wry grin from the corner of my eye.
This skinny face was familiar to me.
Behind my back was an old woman.
But it was not this who was surprised, but how she, in her advanced years, so skillfully keeps herself on turns! With this, it was time to finish and I tore the devil cap off my head and threw it under my feet.
– Old, what are you doing? – I quacked.
– Easy on cornering! – I’m old, but why are you running this naked through the hut but the people are surprised by a bare ass? – in the hearts exclaimed babbi.
– I did not think that you would degenerate with me like this! Big, and without harmony! – Such is what, and? – I already did not have enough evil.
– I’m normal, you hear !!! NORMAAAAL !!! – Stop making fun! – parried granny, – and shame away this away, take away, and this nonsense is hanging out.
Lost the shame !! What am I dad pants darned? – I am not going to wear these oryzya, okay ?! – I decided, Erogen Babushkin, to show all my ambition.
– How many laughed, so much you will cry! – the grandmother ascertained and fished a nettle net from the hem.
– On here to you on face ugly! Most I look ohamel, omitted! Bongo 888 sex live 117.

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