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She did not expect a woman to mess with her, and that’s what happened.
The judge strictly ordered her to stand still, quickly ran her hand between Lisa’s legs and removing her hand after a terribly long time (Lisa herself thought so), the judge smelled sweat and began to feel Lisa’s terribly swollen bladder.
Even the judge’s eyes widened, she had never seen a bladder so inflated before.

The judge leaned forward and whispered to Lisa: “I will not touch your bladder, because I am afraid I will hurt him,” Lisa just nodded.
Soon each participant was brought in half a glass of water, Lisa was ready to refuse further participation, but somehow she found the strength to suffer a little longer.
One of her competitors was no longer able to stand still, and, after finishing her water, she squatted, took off her shorts and began writing in a glass, smiling at the audience, who liked this spectacle very much.
Then the judges announced that during the last hour participants would have to take off their clothes (except for the bra that he had) and asked each girl to take off her shorts and shorts and show her overflowing bladders to the entire hall.
Lisa’s bladder seemed to have been inflated to the limit.
Lisa could feel her bladder bulging almost ten centimeters, and its upper edge was already two fingers above the navel, it was terribly painful, but Lisa could not refuse when the victory was so close.
Another girl could not stand it: when she tried to take off her panties, her bladder could not withstand such pressure, and this girl, shouting, released a huge arc of urine directly into the hall.
Only Lisa and two other girls remained on the stage: a tall brunette stood to the left, and a miniature brown-haired girl stood to the right.
They both looked like they were four months pregnant, and Lisa, looking at her belly, realized that her belly was even bigger.

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She had been in agony for an eternity and all the time recalled the words of a female judge.
Liza was afraid that her bladder could really burst, if she would endure even longer, she was about to raise her hand and refuse to continue, but at that time a tall girl to her left suddenly screamed and urine began to leak through her hands. With all her strength she squeezed herself between her legs.
“I can win the first prize!”, – Lisa repeated to herself, constantly bending down and unbending, because it became harder to endure, – “I can win it!”, – she continued to repeat to herself every few seconds.
Her bladder might have already been at the limit of her capacity, her crotch muscles were already tired, but Liza pressed her fingers against her sore urethra again and again as she felt that her bladder was ready to explode.
Lisa had never been in such agony in her life and had never experienced such terrible pain, she had tears in her eyes, and she was really afraid that her bladder might burst.
A few minutes later Lisa turned around to look at her last rival, and saw that she was squatting on her haunches in the middle of the stage, trying to control herself.
But after a few seconds, a small puddle appeared under this girl, after which a real stream poured out of it, which even poured under the table of judges.
She won! Lisa understood that she won !!! 50,000 dollars was hers! The chief judge stood up and congratulated her, after which he said: “You have so far endured only two hours, ten minutes and fifty seconds.
If you can endure another 49 minutes and 10 seconds, a million dollars is yours! ”The guests welcomed the champion, they all smiled, but for poor Lisa all this was already in a daze.
Her bladder was already on the limit of strength, and suddenly Lisa felt that urine begins to leak into her urethra.
She squeezed her hips together with her last strength, but soon realized that it was useless.
While the hall continued to greet her, Lisa continued to think: “A million dollars, a million dollars, a million dollars.
“, but her bladder could not stand it and the urine leaked, dropping to the floor.
Liza struggled to endure, she just needed to endure another forty-five minutes, but her bladder just could not do it.
She smiled as the viewers parted in front of her so that Lisa could pee.
“I would

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really like to continue to endure,” said Lisa, “but this girl MUST just pee on! We’ll continue next year!”
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