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It turns out that on Saturday and Sunday we could not meet, t.
husband and eldest son at home.

On weekdays after work – they are at home too.
To meet in nature and in rented apartments, she categorically refused.
It remained to meet with her on weekdays at lunchtime – we worked nearby.
First meeting During the break, we crossed the avenue separately and met with her.
She opened the door for me, and I immediately hugged her and kissed her cheek (she had never kissed her lips for anything).
She was already in a thin robe, tied on a ribbon, and behaved seriously.
She immediately said that for some reason she was feeling herself badly and lay down on the sofa in the living room.
I realized that it was just a treacherous female reception – lie down on the sofa to give me a reason to console her.

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I immediately knelt beside the couch and began to look for her chest for kissing.
After classes, she and her classmate Yana went home – they lived with her on the same street.
At first, they came to Dasha – together they would do their homework easier and more fun.
A few months later, looking at the family library, the young guest read the title of one book: “Anatomy” by syllables.
– And what is it? she asked Dasha.
– How?! – amazed little mistress.
– Do you know such simple things? Are you from the Urals? Village! Did you ever see a male member? – Not.
And you? – Ltd! I have been sucking for almost a year.
– Who? – Never mind.
The main thing – I am pleased.
– What is pleasant there? With him piss! He’s smelly! “It’s dirty, everything stinks.”
Information for savages: water is not only drunk, but it is also washed.

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In short, you need to urgently conduct an educational program with you, – Dasha rummaged through the pile of my father’s video library and found a cool porn movie.
Inserting a tape into the VCR, she ordered a friend: – Sit down and watch! For two hours, girls with open mouths were watching group orgies on the screen.
They were eager to try some fun on themselves.
“As I said, you must wash first,” Dasha commanded as a leader.
Having bought in the shower, the girls laid down a “jack” on the sofa and began to lick each other’s crotch.
“Experienced” Dasha quickly became excited.
Breathing hard, she pointed out to her friend with her finger: “Lick clitoris!” Stronger! – He rises with you, like a male pisyunchik.
– It should.
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