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Katya was a

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short girl, with dark curly hair and a little childish face.
Perhaps those who made him big mouth, straight little nose and beautiful brown eyes open.
Advantages of the figure Katia Ivan appreciated for a long time.

Her small elastic round ass looked especially appetizing in tight pants or tight skirts above the knees, breasts are about the second size of a beautiful shape (as Ivan could see, often looking at her) with her blond nipples slightly apart – all this sometimes forced his friend to simply break through his pants .
Did you want something? Let’s still on you – Ivan answered.
What did he want? Now he knew what he wanted! He wanted to recoup for everything, he just needed to fuck this impregnable bitch for him! Most of all now he wanted to go up to her and stick his lips to hers, while tightly squeezing her elastic ass! How did he want her? Differently, but now he thought that he should take possession of her as the male takes possession of the recalcitrant female.
Shutting her hand over her mouth, push her to the table, tear off this dress from her and caress her breast with your hand! And then, putting it on the table, tear off her pants from her excited lustful pussy and shove it in her mouth.
To tease her vagina with his mouth and fingers, and then, putting him on his knees and pulling out his pants, make him ask him to fuck her! Yes, that’s what he wanted! With a cough, Ivan interrupted a pause that lasted for several seconds.
I wanted to dedicate you to some aspects of the company.
Sit down.
Kate sat on a chair, her short dress pulled up, and while she was throwing her legs, Vanya saw that she was wearing tights, not tights.

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Member and asked out.
With difficulty trembling in his voice, he began to carry something about the activities of the company.
Having spoken with Kate for 20 minutes, he said that she could go.
She took off her leg under Vanin’s gaze, which this time opened the bright triangle of her underpants, but he could not see him well.
Katya went to Van.
Close, maybe too close.
I do not want anything to interfere with our good relations.
Forgive me, she told him almost in his ear.
Was he ready to forgive her? Now he was ready for anything, he barely restrained himself in order not to embody his fantasies and.
held back.
Arriving home, Ivan found Natasha preparing to leave.
Today they were going to the theater.
Natasha was of medium height, with long blond hair and a very pretty face.
Her figure was strikingly different from the figure of Kati.
She had a delicious booty, perfect shape and small tits.
Now she was wearing an evening dress.
And then Vanya understood where he would realize his fantasies! Change clothes, we will soon go – said his wife.
But Ivan had other plans.
He approached her and hugged her tightly.
Natasha reached out to kiss him, but instead of answering her, Ivan squeezed her ass with her hand, and then pulled up her dress.
She was wearing lace panties that he liked so much, which emphasized the roundness of her beautiful buttocks.
His right hand went lower and lower down Natasha’s ass, sneaked between her legs and felt the coveted knob.
With his left hand at this time, he reached into her small but very sexy breast, now squeezing her, then stroking her nipples.
Pressing the tubercle, the right hand pushed back the fabric of the briefs and began to caress the labia.
He drove a finger along them in a circular motion, passed between them and, finally, sharply inserted two fingers there.
Natasha went limp, but Vanya did not want to please her so quickly.
The expensive evening dress was torn and Natasha was in front of him in a black lace bra.
She was dumbfounded and looked at Ivan a little with fear.
But he took her by the waist, pulled her to himself and tore off her bra with his other hand, breaking the lock on the straps. Film sex 18 online.

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