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The head did not want to hold on to the neck, despite the fact that the maidservants had long ago unfastened the chain.
– Remove her! – the Mistress has shouted, – Bring in feelings and lay in a bed.
With her today enough! Marianna looked once more at the slave who was without memory, and a viscous chill ran through her body.

For the first time in her life, she was frightened.
No, she was not afraid of the dead, not that killed a man.

Marianne was frightened for herself.
Remembering the simple truth “The secret becomes clear,” she was afraid of punishment.
She rushed around the huge room, clasping her head with her hands, and muttered to herself the same thing: – What to do? What to do? She was found by chance at a city dump, on a pile of smelly rags, naked, wrapped in a leaky, dirty sheet.
The ambulance carriage that arrived on the scene found an almost frozen, exhausted girl with a lot of bruises and abrasions on her emaciated body.
Clearly visible signs of dehydration.
The paramedic, who examined the patient, was surprised as a child: “I see such exhaustion for the first time!” Like she was in a concentration camp.

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She could not speak, only moved her cracked whitish lips silently.
She lay prone all day in a hospital bed, without uttering a word.
All attempts to question her about what happened remained unsuccessful.
The investigator of the district prosecutor’s office, studying the results of the examination, was at a loss for speculation, but he could not come to certain conclusions.
It was not possible to establish an identity either.
The girl was silent, and no one tried to look for her.
Nobody identified the photos sent out; there was no answer from the television either.
It seemed that this man never existed at all.
The psychiatrist who observed the patient made a very vague conclusion about the patient’s state of mind and recommended that she be placed in a general psychiatric clinic, which did not pose a threat to society, but needed long-term treatment.
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