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“Pear” relatively easily slipped between the teeth and immediately straightened, pressed her tongue to the palate, and filled the entire cavity of the mouth, leaning on the cheeks squeezed by the helmet.
Pressing the pad to her lips, the hostess slung the strap over her head.
Then, tightening the side straps, she fastened the entire structure around her neck.

Ilana felt the pad tightly wrapped around the lower part of her face, pressed to her lips.
– Get up! – Marianne put her captive on her feet.

When Mrs took a white apron in her hands, Ilana moaned plaintively, but the Hostess did not even blink.
Tight bib seized sticking out the breast slave, nipples began to itch.
Marianne tightly tied an apron at the waist and straightened the floors.
“That’s all, it seems,” she said, smiling rather, looking around the slave from all sides.
The lady clapped her hands and maids appeared at the door.
They picked up the girl and, sitting down in a chair, fastened to his collar and tightly pulled his legs.
“I prepared a surprise for you,” said Marianna, leaning toward the slave, “The ointment with which I smeared your gags will soon begin to act, and you will get a lot of pleasure from it.”
Having kissed the plaintively scribbling girl in the forehead, she waved her hand, and the girls rolled the chair out of the room.

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The tale is over.
While Ilana was being carried along the dull corridors of this terrible house, the girl, unable to contain herself, burst into tears, but only a low moan and incomprehensible squalling sounds could be heard.
In other matters, the maids did not pay attention to this either.
The room was dark and quiet.
Heavy curtains tightly closed the window, not letting the light.
Thick stone walls, sheathed soundproof material, jammed any rustle.
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