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While he was throwing off his clothes, Anna rose on the bed and for the first time looked into my eyes.
Her gaze was full of confusion, fear, resentment, and other similar emotions.
– Victor, do not, please.

– She prayed, not noticing how a fallen sheet opened up her lovely chest for everyone to see.
Vitaly Vladimirovich, seeing this, began to fuss even faster, jumping out of his underpants.
– Take her! – I said, cold looking into his wife’s eyes.
– Not! she screamed, clinging to the wall, but the naked, frail old woman with a goatee had already tightened the sheets from her legs, exposing the place between them, where the members of all the men who were present in the room had already visited.

This is the real story that happened to me in 2005 in one of the northern cities of our country.
My name is Sergey, I am 38 years old a tall man of athletic build.
I have long had a great desire to try group sex as part of MZHM or MZHMZH.
On the Internet, I talked a lot to correspondence with many swingers, but this was not the case with anyone before the actual meeting.
A spouse with children goes on vacation and I am left alone.
A married couple lived on the staircase; their name was Yevgeny, he was 35 years old and Irina, she was 33 years old. They had two children for the summer, they sent them to the village to their parents and were left alone.
Relations before us were very friendly, but Irishka often dropped in on me and I did not attach any importance to this.
And just like that Friday came, Irishka and Zhenya invite me to sit, drink, talk. Free naked women cams.

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