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I sighed convulsively, swallowing a lump that appeared in my throat.
She brought a bottle of brandy and two glasses.
And once again defiled across the room for a teapot.

Leaned over.
I almost did not earn a squint, trying at the same time to look at the glasses filled with me and her ass with steep thighs! We sat drinking cognac and coffee, talking.
Vika flirted with me frankly.
She then stretched her legs forward, showing their harmony, then stroked my knee, then removed a non-existent speck of dust from her breast.
I was only amazed, the number of tricks to get me into bed! We broke up in half an hour, and agreed that tomorrow I would meet her after work, and we would go somewhere.
In parting, I even smacked her on the cheek, and gently stroked the pope.
What she said with mock austerity: “You, young man, are in a great hurry — and gently ran my fingers over my lips.”
– 2- When he left the office, I was ready to rush after him, but I restrained: “Oh, what a boy!

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How I love these people! They may not be very experienced in bed, but they compensate for their inexperience with a great erection and fervor with which they make love! Yes, and I do not miss.
Still able to cause desire, even a young man! “.
I smiled, imagining what we would do in bed, and returned to work with a singing soul! I literally flew the rest of the day, soaring over the bustle and everyday life! In the evening, I was tormented by impatience.
I was waiting for tomorrow! In our head scrolled our coffee rout.
At times I had a feeling of recognition, as if I had seen someone I knew in Andrew, but this did not go any further.
And as a little girl, to hasten the arrival of the morning, she went to bed almost at nine in the evening! She got up, respectively, early.

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Spent a lot of time to put myself in order, even more time was spent on.
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– Aaaaaa! Fields, like this meeting! – Sveta! I have not seen you for a hundred years! Among the heaps of people who were crowding in the apartment, a few moments ago, Polina, having stretched her arms for embraces, rushed to the tall blonde with an enthusiastic cry and greeted the old girlfriend with affection.
The young woman was sincerely glad to see a man who once knew about her literally everything and a meeting, after so many years, of course, was marked by hugs.
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