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But as it turned out, Alexei was not so bad.
Health, greatly undermined over the years of dissolute life, automatically became an insurmountable obstacle to service.
From the shoulders of our hero as if a mountain fell.

But, entering the main office with a medical card, he was dumbfounded.
The head of the military registration and enlistment office was the father of one of his former, and believe me, he sharpened a pretty decent tooth on Alexey.
– Well, the future private? What we shall do? You’re unfaithful, but I can’t forgive you for my daughter, and she still loves you.
Alexey, having collected all his forces into a fist, gave him everything that happened in his life lately, but the major did not care.
– Or you will be with my daughter, or with anyone.
You can collect the suitcases and get ready to run the march-throw, the private soldier, – the major said with a malicious grin.
Alexey, with a bitter smile, saluted and left the office.
He went to the one who could help him out, to the major’s daughter.
Irina, being engaged in routine household chores, never stopped thinking about the possibility of meeting with Alexei.
She began to examine her wardrobe.
The last week before the army, she decided to make it unforgettable.
Throwing off her robe and exposing her lovely body, Irina began to try on her intimate things.
Various peonyuarchiki, lace panties – all went to turn.
But nothing fit the occasion.
But among the “tons” of underwear, Irina found what she was looking for.
Red, almost devilish-colored corset with

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lacing, he perfectly emphasized the figure.

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A thin panties to complete the picture.
Wearing this, Irina went to the mirror.
A real beast looked at her – her disheveled black hair beautifully framed the oval of her face.
Bra corset squeezed his chest in a passionate embrace – she looked appetizing and stunning.
She turned and, bending the back, looked behind, this view also pleased.
Her bends seemed to attract her.
But suddenly the reflection in the mirror spoke to her.
“Well, here we are, mortal.”
What we are going to do? Irina already jumped in surprise.
Having clung to the wall for fear, Irina asked in a trembling voice: – Who are you? “And I am your inner being, my dear.”
So say, suchness.
You freed me by loving this Alexei.
The second half of him, about which he doesn’t yet know himself, is the Angel, whom I have loved for a long time.
And I fell, the fallen angels have no place in heaven.
But still love him.
– But where am I? Why did you choose my soul as your container? – I would have known – answered.
Perhaps because it was so destined.
– But you can break the rock? After all, you can ask.
change the body? “No,” answered the devil, “so decided.”
– I messed up with you.
Remember me.
I can break out at the most inopportune moment.
The devil disappeared, and the mirror cracked at the same moment.
Irina, catching her breath, took off her laundry and went to the soul in order to somehow relieve the nervous tension.
And our hero was already heading for the Major’s daughter’s house.
Her name was Patricia, a slightly strange and slender girl of the major type, who literally used Alexei.
Putting everything in a favorable light for herself, the girl twisted romance with famous musicians.
The bed, expensive whiskey, cocaine – “innocent” was engaged in very childish affairs.
Going to the house, Alex tried to remember the apartment, scored 69 at random.
Quickly rushing into the right floor, Alex knocked on the door.
He waited a couple of minutes, turned the knob, the door was open.
Our hero went deep into the apartment.
Loud music sounded from the kitchen – and the sound of water was heard from the bathroom (obviously, the girl was taking a shower).
Passing into the kitchen, Alexei carefully sat down and waited.
After a couple of minutes, she came out of the shower, not at all embarrassed by nudity. Free private livejasmin.

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