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A pleasant strong smell emanated from him and he confidently led me somewhere behind him.
My panties began to get wet fast, but not at all because of what I described.
Desire made me dizzy, hot.

He led me to a very clean room with several open semi-kiosks, but poor lighting gave the basement a cave appearance.
From excitement I suffered.
“Hold on!” I carelessly thrust my handbag at him, which I had nowhere to put, and stepped to the toilet.
Without looking at the guy, I calmly ran my hands under my summer short sundress and, wagging my hips, pulled my thin panties down to my knees, almost completely wet from the heat and my desire.
Leaving the panties to hang out at the knees, I pulled the sundress higher and sat down immediately began to write.
My face was at the level of the belt of my silent companion, who did not retreat, did not turn away, and froze a meter away from me, but I could clearly see how the hillock rose up under his shorts.

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I was next to him completely defenseless in this basement, but I really wanted to write and I surrendered to the power of a stranger.
The guy turned out to be a rude and resolute male, without saying a word, he suddenly took off his shorts and thrust his rearing hot dick right into my lips.
Then a wave of orgasm covered me, from the presentation of how I was writing and at the same time sucking off a stranger, I began to pull and twist, I groaned and opened my eyes.
The shower lay on the bathroom floor, I stood naked and bent, holding my hand between my legs, the clitoris burned with fire, and waves of languor ran through my body.
I wanted to keep the leaving fantasy, and I began to scroll again in my head.
How did you start? Oh yeah, I was looking for where to pee.

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I want to write, and in fantasy and real.
My body demanded relaxation and I, crouching in the bathroom, finally relaxed and felt like a warm jet poured down my hand and my footsteps.
Little fool, I still kept my hand pressed to my cunt and described it.
I lost my head completely.
But the first step has been taken, and I liked it.
Now there is a whole month of training ahead.
Interestingly, Sveta will come up with me later.
Training was not so easy as it seemed at first.
I usually wrote three or four times a day, which means that now I also jerked myself several times a day.
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