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Reaching up to the crunch, the guy looked at his watch – the greenish numbers suggested – 2.
35 Wow, that took a nap, he whistled and tried to sleep again.
But it was not there.

Inflamed imagination helpfully slipped him a pretty picture – a girl in an airy, but slightly battered dress, pink as the clouds at sunset.
Moreover, in addition to the depths of the unburned thighs – the same pink speck beckoning to him with unprecedented strength.
Oh shit.
– Andrew moaned and squeezed his head.
Is it really contagious ?! I caught from Boris virus pedophilia.
What nonsense.
Truth be told, the disease is.
And now, even though the wolf howl, even shoot himself, and Sasha does not go out of his head, he settled in it so firmly.
Having rummaged for about a quarter of an hour, tossing and turning from side to side, Andrei thought, thought.
And the further, the more he wanted to see the girl, pull her close, spend the rest of that night with her.
Desire grew with each passing minute, overwhelming with a muddy, hot wave, not allowing breathing.
And unable to withstand this pressure, Andrew jumped up.
He went on tiptoe to the second floor, trying not to wake his partner – he said he didn’t give me, did he himself ?! As if a somnambulist, with outstretched arms, gropingly choosing a path, the guy went along the corridor and snapped the key.
The lock seemed to explode, so quietly hit the ears.
Andrew opened the door and looked.
The children slept peacefully, huddled together, lit by soft moonlight.
It was even a pity to wake up. Hack bongacams tokens.

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