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A slim blonde with slender legs and arms like a skeleton, but still she was stunningly beautiful.
Intimate places – chest and spot below the tummy – looked lovely and well-groomed.
Chest stood upright, and a small triangle on the pubis, probably, would have dumped the whole army.

Vpryhnuv in the kitchen, the girl tried to hug Alexei, but he pushed her.
With a blank look, and then, with a picky tone, she asked: “Why did you come?” Alexey tried to explain clearly, but the girl immediately put forward a condition.
As it turned out, it was expressed in the numerical equivalent – 150 thousand.
, the girl needed money, not Alexey himself.
After talking with her for another couple of minutes, he said good-bye as politely as possible, and left, slamming the door loudly.
Irina, having taken a shower, ordered a car to the

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house of our hero.
Having seduced her husband about the work – a la busy always and everywhere – she collected her handbag, wrapped up more linen and went out into the street.
On the way to the car, Irina was tormented, whether to tell Alexey about the Devil, or leave everything in secret? At that time, Alexey was also returning to himself.
Arriving home, pouring whiskey into a glass and looking at the site where he threw the announcement of the sale of equipment (after their turbulent affair with Irina, he decided to leave work at the club), he was pleasantly surprised.
The device is already preparing to buy three people, and the necessary amount to buy something, practically, would be collected.
It remains only to think about where to put his work, for him, Alex, too, was planning to raise money.

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Suddenly there was an unexpected knock on the door, Irina stood on the threshold.
She smelled of utterly unspeakable sweetness.
Her hair fell on her beautiful shoulders.
A look was burning either guilt or passion.
He hugged her tightly.
The words here were not needed – everyone spoke their bodies.
Irina already did not resist anything, she gave all of herself to the power of a young lover.
Closing the door, Alexey picked up the beautiful maiden in his arms and carried him to the sofa.
Having laid and started to caress Irina, Alexey met with unexpected resistance.
– Wait a couple of minutes, – she said in a hoarse whisper, – Give me the most to please you today.
Having kissed Alexey, the girl flew away to the bathroom, and Alexey, imposingly sitting on the sofa, was waiting for her.
Suddenly, the apartment suddenly turned dark, the water that had just been turned on in the shower stopped sounding.
A small white light appeared in the middle of the room and began to grow more and more.
Gradually, the light gained human outlines – a tall figure in white appeared before Alexey.
– Who are you? – from fear, our hero already bounced to the wall.
– I’m an angel.
Both your Angel and the general, world guardian angel.
You have changed, my friend, and it makes me happy.
That is why to get rid of the centuries-old curse, I chose your body.
After all, only a man like you, who was previously worse than the devil, but sincerely fell in love, will help me to fulfill my mission.
Alexey asked, in a more calm voice, although the excitement did not leave him: – What kind of mission? – Once upon a time, instead of people on earth, there lived half-angels, equal to angels in strength and spirit.
They led such a righteous and correct way of life that the Earth became Heaven, and the world did not know pain, suffering or disease.
Blackness had no place in that world.
But once – two unique children were born.
A pure angel is a white and purest girl and a timid boy.
Over time, they fell in love with each other, but their love was so destructive and bold, violating all prohibitions, that God threw the girl for defiant behavior from that world, turning it into a soul.
The young man – that Angel – tearfully asked for the overthrow. Hd sex video play online.

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