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This position required a lot of free space, but gave us both a lot of pleasure.
At the end we were both tired.
The owner stayed in bed and ordered me to prepare him a bath.

He fell asleep.
I took a full bath of water, made foam.
The master slept, and I was afraid

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to wake Him.
I sat down near the bathroom and played with my skin with my fingers.
As always I was visited by contradictory feelings.
I was pleased and exhausted.
I was good and bad.
Once I asked the Boss: Does He consider himself a happy person?
And He answered: “Absolutely!” But I couldn’t call myself happy.
I had no luck.
Now my happiness lay in the happiness of my Master.
And if He is happy, then I am so.
And I was really glad to see Him contented, satisfied.
I was pleased to do well to Him.
And she was very worried when something went wrong with Him.
He never told me about His problems.
Let even the smallest, but I felt it.
I was ashamed when I did something differently than He desired.
And I would give everything for His happiness.
I could not even have imagined that it was possible to treat a man like that.
The owner does not even know how much He has changed me.
Yes, I was ready to change in everything! If only His desire for it was.
Some men might envy him.
After all, my Boss did not need to see flaws in a woman.
And even more so it was not necessary to reconcile with them.
He seemed to mold from me what He needed.
But now I was one hundred percent sure that the concept “an ideal woman is a woman endured through time by a man” is still relevant.
I used to hardly understand people who give themselves completely to a loved one.
Now I felt it through myself and already knew that it was possible.
And God forbid everyone to find their love.
I treat those people who give more than they accept.
And though in many ways I don’t recognize myself now, but in what I was, I stayed that way.
I went deep into my thoughts.

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I was awakened by the voice of the Boss.
I caught a glimpse of the room and knelt before Him.
He continued to lie.
Have you prepared a bath? Yes, Master.
The owner smoked, unfastened the chain from the collar and led me into the bath.
I gently washed His body.
I treated His body very carefully.
I could not bring the Master not the slightest pain.
And all this time she was silent.
I appreciated His rest, His feelings and sensations.
I was afraid to say another word without His knowledge.
When the Master’s body was washed, He offered to give me an underwater blowjob.
I was scared because I could not stand the immersion in the water, I was even afraid to swim.
But for the sake of the Boss she stepped over fear and got down to business.
I raised my head to get some air and went down to caress the dick.
It was difficult for me, but I coped with the task.
Dinner The owner made me sit on His penis with legs spread wide.
Before going to bed, on my knees, I gave the Master a prayer: Oh, my Lord! I feel you.
I live by you.
When you feel bad, it’s hard for me.
When you are angry, it hurts me.
When you are not satisfied, I am ashamed.
When you are cheerful, I am pleased.
I do everything to make you feel good.
I give my body for you to enjoy.
I fulfill Your desire for You to be pleased.
My mood depends on your mood.
My well-being depends on your well-being.
I live to serve you.
My body belongs to you.
for I am your slave.
After the prayer, I kissed the hands and feet of the Master.
And after the Boss left me to sleep on the bedspread next to the bed, with my hands tied to her legs.
After some time, my sister again invited the spouses to visit.
– Well, are you ready? – Oleg asked – Yes – the wife answered – Turn around.
Vika had a white translucent dress, under which a neat bra and thongs were clearly visible.
– Mmm.
– Oleg licked his lips – Zadera dress, honey.
– Well, Oleg, do not start, please.
– ached Vika.
But still lifted her dress to quickly finish it.
– Become a cancer on the couch.
Vika obeyed.
Oleg pressed his lips to her from behind and began passionately caressing his wife.
Vick fidgeted, but closed her eyes and exhaled heavily.
When she was already very wet, Oleg took up a hole in the ass, licked, put his tongue inside, caressing his pussy with his fingers.
Oleg loved to caress her ass, although at first he disdained.
Vika was very neat and always pretended that she didn’t like such attention to her asshole.
But she soon got a taste and melted away from her husband’s tongue.
She always washed herself very thoroughly and even washed her ass from the inside to the depth of her finger, although she carefully concealed it.
Oleg has long understood everything because of the abundantly current pussy at such moments, but he played along with his wife. Hidden cam car sex.

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