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Nagas are beautiful, defenseless you are now, So snow-white and luxurious at the late hour.
I will put my hand to the cold glass, And the shadow of my hand will slide on your table.
Then the carpet, then the bed, And that’s the shadow at your feet.

Touching the shadow of your skin, I will feel it, oh my God: I will stroke the gently slim camp, Which has been given to you by nature:: And I will torture myself like this, Trying to touch the reality with a reflection.
You wake up, go to the window.
Decide what will happen next for you and for you to dream.
In the market a black seller, Cutting the sausage skillfully, He gave me his body, My view, he translated Without any visible hope.
And something in English spun, Tearing all the clothes.
I looked back among the people Looking for some protection, But no one just at the fennel In a fit of lesbians merged.
And immediately surfaced Pictures of my youth: As in school, we washed potatoes For the glory of the homeland of the fields.
And I remembered how in the third grade Makkulaturu collected, As I in the package, plus the total mass I stuffed two bricks.

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And how then they shamed me, I stood in the center like a candle, and the red asterisk was deprived with the image of Ilyich.
And here I study at a technical school. I moved after school.
Even then I started to shave And the first engine started.
And the institute where in the evenings I gave so much time And a girl with green eyes On the Zaporozhets I rolled.
I know a lot, I can do everything, I saved a lot of experience, But to resist such a gay Nobody taught me.
Not for this, I flew for a long time The sea and the mountains overcame, So that the guy of the blue sense wanted me in the market.
Not for this I was taught That a strange black blue Caressed me in an overseas style With my sausage hand.
Do not be that, my decision, Do not ask, as it were, did not ask.
I told him my opinion. He twisted his hands in passion.
Yes, at least break, after all, not mine, And proudly taking sausage, I ran to the door closer, Keeping the purchase on weight.
So I escaped, but this case I forced to give advice.
Reader, my answer is to listen What the black seller has heard: Love boys girls, Love girls guys, How squirrel loves a squirrel, How pigs love pigs.
When we loved each other, she wanted me to call her somehow: strange – a common bitch, or a cunt for everyone, a litter for everyone – strange, right? At first I played along with her, and then I

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looked – she really drags when I “think” out loud – and will you be rushing after my friends? – I will not be very nice to kiss your sticky mouth.
Before kissing you, he says, I will brush my teeth.
My friends looked at her – spectacular, beautifully dressed, easy to joke. House wife sex hidden cam.

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