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The member immediately jumped up like a S-300 rocket, strictly vertically, stupidly sticking out his pants.
She, of course, saw and understood my condition, but pretended that she did not notice my excitement, shaking hands and a mound on my pants.
Once we, according to her plan, ran towards the lake, which is 10 km from the part.

There 10 and back 10, with a rest on the shore of the lake itself.
We ran easily, forcing the muscles to work in the recovery mode, preparing them for the upcoming race at the control time.
We ran to the shore of the amazing beauty of the forest lake.
The quiet, flat surface, reflected almost without distortion, the blue sky and the forest at the edges.
In the place where we were, there was a small piece of sandy beach, which was used as a beach.
There was no intense heat and the water was probably cold, but I wanted to swim and wash off the sweat, adherent salt and cobwebs with the remains of mosquitoes.
“Let’s dive ?!” – as if reading my thoughts, suggested Vika and without waiting for my answer, she took off her T-shirt and shorts and ran into the water in her panties and topic.

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I followed her the same way, taking off my clothes and shoes on the move.
The water really turned out to be cool, but after a second, the body became accustomed and it even became pleasant.
Vick famously waved his hands, and portraying a crawl, swam.
“This is where I can show class!” – I thought, and showing the beautiful style of a dolphin, rushed to the middle of the lake.
Easily overcoming this distance, I stopped and turned around.
Vika looked at me with admiration.
I am proud of myself and satisfied with the impression I have made, I decided to show

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that I can also breaststroke and crawl on my back.
“Oh wow! You are just like our swimming collections! ”- Vika said with delight when I swam to her:“ Teach me a dolphin! ”I gladly began to show this technique and tell me how best to do it.
In the process, I had to my great joy of touching her, to support her body on the surface, to correct her legs, arms and back.
Sometimes by chance, and more often on purpose, I touched her ass in beautiful black panties and breasts, hidden in a sports topic.
It terribly excited and worried me.
The member has grown so much that its head crawled out from under the gum of my training pants.
Despite the cold water, the erection was strong and not killed.
Having spent a little while in the water, Vika said: “Everything! I froze! ”And won ashore.
She jumped ashore faster than me, and I also wanted to go out, when suddenly I realized that my member was so swollen and stood up that it would be very noticeable.
I decided to stand a little in the water, that would be under the influence of cold, he drooped. Indian hot models nude photos.

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