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Nina and I looked at her with smiles, but deep down we sympathized with her, she didn’t control herself at all.
But in any case, they stayed with us.
Lena was my fan, she pestered me for a long time, so I gave her my toys, but she could only master the first set, the rest she could not even insert into her little hole, but often she had me with my toys, she liked it so much when a huge and long phallus falls from my bowels.

Sometimes she stuffed her hands in me and fumbled there, I liked it, I imagined that I was a cow and I was examined by a vet before a mating.
She also milked me and drank in my milk.
Lena was calmer, she spoke more with us, but Nina told me that Lena had already asked her to take her lover in the evening, so to speak, to get used to.
Well, let’s wait, we’ll see.
In the evening, they really left, and when she returned, Lena ran away to her room and did not leave it until morning.
Nina said that everything was not bad, while she was fucked, Lena was settled in front of another dog, he began to hammer her, Lenka suffered, then enjoyed, then finished a couple of times, stood in the castle for a bit and that was all.
It is strange.
In the morning the laboratory assistants arrived and carried out procedures under anesthesia, we slept again until the evening.
In the evening I took Sasha with me and went to the bullhead, since the dogs didn’t pay attention to me or to my companion, they didn’t come forward at all.
Everything was wonderful with the bull, he fucked me again on the fence, but this time I had an assistant who collected all the bull sperm in a jar, and what was in me I let go for about 5 minutes sitting on this jar, and from me flowed and flowed.
Sasha said that I have to fuck with horses too, but the mere thought of it made me feel as if it was something dirty and disgusting.

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Sasha did not understand me.
So time went by.
There were good days.
Were not very.
The girls hardly changed.
We took them to the city and visited our favorite store, they made presents for them there.
We went to cafes and cinema, walked around the shops.
But it all ends.
The girls left

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our house promising to return in a new form.
We are sad.
For two days we were in apathy.
During this time we have become attached to these noisy and lustful neighbors, Nina suffered more than me, and often remembered them and our puppies.
In the evenings she whined, often slept in my room sucking on my tits.
And then they brought a new “beasts” to us.
Wait for the continuation.
It was fun, I was at the party at Ira’s house, I was alone, without a boyfriend, I was alone for a month, sat down, drank, chatted, then the girls in the corners with the guys dispersed, who kissed who chatted, everything was decent but I was alone is boring.
I told Irishka that I had to go and went home, it was already about one in the morning, but the gentleman couldn’t find me.
I lived not far away in a 15-minute walk, but to go past the old two-story house, the residents there were not settled there in the fall.
I walked home slowly, the end of May was warm outside, although the lights were rare but lit up the road a bit, silence, there were no passersby.
There was a little paused near the old house: silence: something started to go to the lower abdomen, my heart began to pound more strongly, I don’t know why, but I wanted to enter the entrance of this house, I was afraid of him in the afternoon, but here: I looked around, listened again and entered in the entrance.
Phone shone yourself and went up to the second floor.
A strange condition that I am doing here at night: I came in from the rooms.
Remains of furniture, paper scattered on the floor.
Well, that’s what I need, I lift my skirt and I take off my panties: here it is this feeling, it was for this that I went to court, put panties in my bag and take off my skirt: I look where to put the skirt all around the dust, wipe the dust off the back of the broken chair with paper and hang the skirt twisting it inside out.
The jacket, blouse and bra are also there: I’m naked, completely naked in an unfamiliar place, I’m only wearing shoes, my stomach starts to itch, my nipples are swollen.
What’s next? I leave the room, with myself only a handbag, and go for a walk around the house naked. Interactive sex games free online.

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