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Confused people were silent, looking at her sympathetically, and the artist, perplexed for a second, recovered, squatted down, dangling his impressive dignity down, and touched the crown of a completely lost mother.
He patted her on the head, on the back, and said very gently: Nothing, it happens.
In my memory there were two times, and now – the third.

This happens only with very impressionable women – with Real Women.
Most of all, I respect such women like you.
Only a real, deep woman can pluck up a seed because it is turned into a picture.
You gave me the most valuable thing in you, and therefore you are a Real Woman.
I bow to you.
He stood up and bowed to her! My wife sat confused, with wet eyes, and was afraid to get up.
The artist said: And now – take your man.
is your man here? I was so confused that I was ashamed to call myself – and my wife quietly said “yes.”
Very good! Perfectly! Then go together, and that everything will turn out for you for real! And then – come back here, I have to finish the drawing.
And you, ”he turned to our children,“ you cannot, I will not let you go, you must help me.
How can I do without you? Go, ”he told us again,“ and while I sign this crumbs, ”and took the little girl by the hand.
– And the assistants will keep the colors! He helped his wife to rise, she walked up to me, looking down at my feet, I hugged her shoulders – and we went to the tent.
I was simply bursting with embarrassment and desire, and was ready to discredit myself after my wife.
On the way, I caught smiles and envious glances. Live cam jasmin.

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