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It is quite natural that after a few moments my “proboscis” began to react.
What was to do? I turned and wanted to offer Vienna to rub him too, but he refused, giving me a questioning glance, and then slowly approached, stopping close and close.
This is where I could never have expected: his “gizmo” began to swell, rapidly expanding and expanding, and her reddened head rotated at the navel level! Veniamin, breathing deeply, looked at me point-blank, slightly narrowing his eyes and with some surprise: they say, so what’s next? From such a spectacle, I involuntarily numb and froze, as if scalded with boiling water, unable to utter a word.

Then, feeling my timidity and indecision, he started first: he slightly bowed and took one hand at my “proboscis”, and the other grabbed his “dubinushka”, then attaching them

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with heads, then taking them aside and slowly shaking them both .
Then, with his head down and squatting, he began to suck on my “toy”, not forgetting to quickly and quickly nadraiv his “giant”.
I was overjoyed !.
But at that moment, when I was about to erupt, Wenka released the “toy” from his mouth, squeezing its trunk with his wide palm, and quickly got up, leaning close to me.
Our brave “fighters” were again side by side and frantically rubbing against each other: this is the palm of Benjamin, clasping at the same time both powerful and strong trunks, did not allow them to step back a millimeter! And after a moment, they, unable to withstand this terribly pleasant torture, poured us heavy trickles of warm and sticky sperm.

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The “eruption” of two “volcanoes” that happened in such an unexpected way only provoke us.
We began to rub the whitening streams into each other’s heated skin, licking the rolling droplets and rising again to see the partner’s contented face and kiss him.
The erotic “game” had to be interrupted for a short while – we, continuing to caress, decided to go to the waiting room and have a little smoke, come to our senses.
(By the way, it would not hurt to check at the same time: is the front door locked tight? And then inadvertently broke into some kind of “horseradish coat” and will find two naked pranksters in “third position”!).
Benjamin, crouching on a clean sheet, carefully laid out by me on a wide wooden bench in the farthest corner, where not a single bulb was burning, willingly shared not only a fragrant cigarette, but a short story about himself.
Back in school (two or three years ago), he became the object of sexual attention from one of his classmates.
Remaining after physical education in the locker room, they often jerked each other out of controversy: who will be able to finish more than once? That boy taught Venya “to suck on waffles” – that is, to swallow sperm (“with swallows”), sucking the whole penis completely and licking it all up to the last drop.
I heard such a frank confession for the first time, and, frankly, it had a very strong effect.
We somehow mechanically and imperceptibly moved close to each other and, caressing our rising “ends”, were excited with incredible fervor.
Venka sat down in front of me and parted in the sides of the thigh, grasping the “trunk”; his other hand was massaging my crotch, gently penetrating the very hole.
I understood his desire to enter me, but the fact that his “unit” was of a large caliber stopped, and as luck would have it, we had, as luck would have it, no lubrication! Catching my doubts, Venya immediately assured that he would try to do everything as carefully and pleasantly as possible so as not to hurt me.
We both felt a tremendous surge of energy, worried and worried, seized by this mad passion.
Putting the entire length of the bench on his back, he began to lift me by the hanging legs and, spreading them to the sides as wide as possible, began to attach himself to the “rear”, before abundantly wetting the red knob with his saliva. Live cam masturbation.

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