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Even Svetlana, not deprived of God, envied her beauty.
Immediately I remembered the near youth.
And, really, she is good.

Noticing embarrassment, the girl took out a sheet of paper and handed it to the secretary.
“Sorry, dear, but the working day is long over,” Svetlana said with jealousy.

In the face of a non-acquaintance, she saw the image of a rival.
“I called in the morning, Edward Borisovich asked to come in after five,” the stranger said, blushing, barely audibly.
– Edward Borisovich, you have a visitor.
Are you waiting for someone? – on the selector asked Svetlana and again cast a study glance at the late visitor.
She stood, afraid to move.
-Yes! Let him come in, ”the selector speaker croaked.
-Come on.
And remember for the future, – with irony in her voice, for no reason jealous, Svetlana gave advice.
– Our boss is a man.
And our institution is solid.
Clothing must fit the business setting.
Do you understand me? Blushing even more, the stranger nodded her head in agreement and disappeared into the door of the cabin.

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Sveta immediately found an urgent matter.
It took more than a quarter of an hour, and the visitor was still in the office.
At the first reception, so much time Edward did not devote to his visitors.
The worm of jealousy has become stronger nibble exhausted soul.
Yes, the first time she was jealous of him.
Quietly, like a mouse, Svetlana went to the oak door and listened.
But, there is silence.
Sound insulation too good.
The hoarse voice of the selector cut off everything inside, she rushed to the table, knocking a chair that was not in place, and pressed the selector button.
– Edward Borisovich, did you call me? – She asked, stuttering with excitement in her voice, stuttering.
I accidentally pressed the selector button – and after a moment, it appeared in the doorway.
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