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I walked along both children’s legs from top to bottom, tapping the edges of my palms on them.
– The legs of Andryushka go along the path.
I stroked my fingers along the legs of Andryushin.

“And from the inside too,” I showed

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the girls, pushing the children’s legs apart.
I began to walk with my fingers from the inside of the Andryusha thighs, smiling, as the baby shuddered from tickling.
“Julia never did this,” I thought, “And we will tickle a little” —Do not fidget, Sasha! – shouted at her boy Xenia.
– My own, too, fidgets and tries to move the legs, – Nastya complained with a smile to Kohl.
“Spread them wide,” I said.
“Oh, and what did I find here,” Ksyusha giggled, spreading Sasha’s bare legs, “Someone’s little little bag.”
Of course, seeing Sasha’s scrotum, the girl could not help but touch her.
– What happened? – Ksyusha pretended to be surprised, feeling the testicles frantically escaping the boy, – Already it is impossible to touch.
“And how offended,” I smiled, “Not only did Lenka and I touch him there today, but also allow unfamiliar girls to do it.
Especially such a 12-year-old.

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Probably waiting for me to stupid Ksyusha.
Get used to it.
Today all my friends and guests can touch you wherever they want.
Because we are adults, and you are a helpless toddler. ”
Ksyusha pressed Sasha’s legs apart to the floor and again rubbed her pale-pink baby scrotum with her fingers.
“Usi-Mushi-pusi,” she giggled. “Who has a little bag sticking out between the legs?” The boy began to frantically escape, but 12-year-old Ksyusha, to my surprise, was able to keep him.
– Ksyuha has her own massage, – Nastya laughed.
– Yeah, I found myself toys, – Lenka smiled.
The girls laughed together, drove Sasha even more into the paint.
“We turn over to the back,” I said, laughing.
Caught on his back, Sasha, as usual, covered her palms with his palms.
“How shy,” Ksyusha giggled, gently pulling apart Sasha’s hands.
– And you, Kolya, too? – I smiled, – to you in 4 years old why to be ashamed ?.
“If I hadn’t seen Sasha shy, I wouldn’t have known for a long time that it would be embarrassing to be naked,” I grinned.
– Where did you both say hands to hold? – I turned strictly to Sasha and Kolya, – That’s right, at the seams.
The little ones are still shy adults.
Sasha grunted displeased.
“First we handle the pens,” I said. “Ready?” The girls nodded.
“The cat sat on a palm,” I began, patting Andryushin’s palm with a tender smile, “I scratched a little.
I lightly scratched Andryushin’s palm.
“I played, I played,” I continued, drawing a circle with my index finger, “And I ran off somewhere.”
I quickly ran my fingers over Andryushina’s hand, smiling at the baby’s giggle.
– A cat runs away here, – I explained to the girls, – To the right palm. Maddy sex cam.

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