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At the playground, I jumped off your hands and found that one of the slippers was left below.
You also looked down, nodded knowingly and began to go down.
I was brought in with a lock and did not notice how the door opposite opened.

I turned all at once, to the gleam of light on my door.
Opposite was our neighbor.
He was just stretching his hand to the light switch in his apartment, probably before slamming the door and stood still, looking somewhere in the navel.
I came to my senses and smelled a robe.
But it was too late – he had already seen my bare chest and panties with something bristling (because I also have the right to be excited!).
Seryoga below quietly spoke to me: “I found, I’m going, honey!” The neighbor also started, as I recently turned off the light and disappeared in sudden darkness — only the door knocked gently in the darkness.
I had enough of this.
I furiously twisted keys and listened only to your approaching, such reliable and strong steps.
The door gave up and launched me inside.
I immediately clicked the switch and turned around again.
The robe threw open again and, while I was collecting my hands on my belt, I only managed to notice how the dark eye on my neighbor’s door suddenly became light, letting in the light from the lens tube the light from the bulb.
Seryozha gently took me by the shoulder and also looked at the neighbor’s door.
“What happened?” I swallowed a lump in my throat and muttered: “Oh, nothing, the darkness was frightened.”
He picked me up at the door again and, slamming the front door with his foot, carried me to the bed. Mary angel s high bongacams.

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