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With a flirtatious, boyish hairstyle of curly auburn hair, she today looked very impressive in a dark, broad-shouldered business suit, a spacious white blouse and a charcoal pencil skirt that stretched to her knees.
Below, her juicy seductive calves covered a dark mesh of transparent tights, and her feet are shiny dark shoes with white butterflies.
The second was a tall thirty-year-old brunette Svetlana Vetlitskaya.

She also had a no less pretty but pale oval face, big smart dark brown eyes, a round nose and full red lips.
Her gorgeous black hair beautifully poured out on the stove and her back, covered with a light cream jacket (buttoned with just two buttons, and also with overhead shoulders), and a spacious white shirt.
Long legs were hidden by stylish dark trousers, accentuated with black high-heeled shoes.
Both were very good, both exuded a pleasant aroma of caramel perfumes, and both liked Kondratyuk in their own way.
He valued Valentin for his excellent work on finance, diligent execution of the most important projects and impeccable punctuality.
He knew that this old “office lioness” can be trusted with the most difficult tasks, without doubting that they will be completed on time.
Therefore, he did not publicly consider her his “right hand” and not infrequently affectionately called Aunt Valley.
He valued Svetka for constantly having excellent coffee, competent network marketing and.
languid deep voice, which he was always pleased to hear in business negotiations on the selector.
– Oh, no, girls! – after some deliberation, Vasily Kondratyuk gently countered them.
– I beg you, do not flatter me! Missadictive live sex shows chaturbate.

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