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Gradually, I began to notice that I admire her nice body.
She was short, but well-tailored with a small elastic chest, neat and appetizing buttocks, pretty legs and surprisingly long blond hair.
I began to feel that an excitement was building up in me, which I already have neg to hide.

She also noticed that my dick began to pour strength and gradually began to get up in all its glory.
Seeing this she giggled and grabbed me for him attracted to him.
From that moment on, everything that was apart from her ceased to exist.
I tried to merge with her together.
But last days fatigue affected.
The first time I finished pretty quickly.
She said nothing, smiled slyly and gently took my dick in her mouth.
She began to suck him, making small swallowing movements, from which the waves of excitement rolled through my body.
I do not know where she learned this, but I was in seventh heaven.
Soon I was ready for battle and slowly entered it.
Without haste, I was increasingly entering her neat, tender hole.
She, having embraced me with her legs, helped me in this.
She was beautiful when she threw back her head in a fit of passion, and her hair flew upwards in a golden wave.
I go into it again and again, until I felt that I was about to finish.
I got out of it at the last moment, having splashed her face with sperm spray.
She, breathing loudly, began to lick my dick, and collect sperm from her face, trying not to miss a drop of life-giving liquid.

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Then she turned to me with her delicious ass and parted her butt with her hands and asked me to give her in the ass.
I could not refuse such a lovely creature.
Slowly pressing the penis, I entered it from behind.
She slightly stiffened, the member went with difficulty, she was a little pained, but she asked me to continue.
Finally I walked in and started planting her from behind.
She began to moan and sway in time with my movements.
Faster and faster my dick began to enter her ass.
She screamed and then we both finished, almost simultaneously.
A wave of sperm rushed out of me into her: Then she was already almost exhausted and had covered her eyes with her hand.
I got up above it and we started doing “69”.
My tongue penetrated her pink womb, and she carefully put her lips on my penis.
We gave each other pleasure for a long time, until she finally exhausted herself, and I didn’t take her to the cabin.
Having slept, in the morning she fed me, poured some fresh spruce shoots into the flask and approximately showed direction to the nearest populated areas.
I told her thanks and kissed me goodbye.
I wanted to give her my trinket in the form of a small silver image of my zodiac sign, but she refused to say: “The Old Man will shout:”.
Remembering this incident now, I enjoy these memories.
This child of nature did not set any conditions for me and did not make demands; she didn’t even ask if I loved her.
She was so natural and beautiful in her primitive nature that she didn’t compare

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with most of the women I dealt with later.
She just gladly did what was laid in her by Mother Nature.
At first he took off her coat and began to tighten her blouse.
He slipped his hand under her, he unbuttoned his bra and took it off, carefully removing the straps from his hands.
Then he put it on the blanket and took up the skirt.
Then pantyhose.
He did not hurry with the panties, at first he stroked the delicate matter, and her hand grabbed his hand so that he would find the only place.
He grabbed her panties from both sides and pulled them down her hips, over her knees and ankles. Mobile cam to cam sex chat.

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