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Under this suit is better in the grid.
No, I’d rather wear this dress with a neckline.
Or a blouse with a skirt? Or maybe jeans? As a result, she wore black thongs, black stockings and a black dress that she never wore: strict in shape, like a stocking fitting body from neck to knees, it was made from some kind of magic fabric and became absolutely transparent when falling on it light at a certain angle.

It looked like this: Katya goes in a dress, takes a step, and it turns from dense black into transparent, takes another step – and again nothing is visible.
She didn’t like her bra under this dress, and she decided to go without a bra at all.
I called Tengiz, called the place where he was waiting for us and asked what we would drink.
Katya said she wanted whiskey with cherry juice, and I settled on Armenian cognac.
When left, it was getting dark.
In the restaurant, it turned out that Tengiz ordered a separate room there, where we were taken.
A muffled light burned in the office, instrumental music quietly played, Tengiz gallantly kissed Katya’s hand, handed her an elegant bunch of flowers, sat her at the table.
Tengiz and I sat opposite each other, and Katya sat at the end of the table, in the middle.
Tengiz, of course, was different from his portrait in the questionnaire (photoshop, or what?).
No, he was really impressive with his height – under two meters, a slanting sazhen in the shoulders, but his tummy was thicker than in the photo, and his head was fuller.
But there was something in him that was purebred: the gloss of an expensive suit and perfume, the ability to hold on and some kind of amazing self-confidence. Mom anal cam.

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