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So I decided to share my story with all of you.
I’ll start from the beginning.
Already in adolescence, I began to show an interest in sex, I watched porn movies, etc.
I’m a tall, slim, handsome guy, as the girls say to me.
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I’m 20 years old now.
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In 17 years in the summer I had the best sex in my life.
It so happened that my friend Tema and I went to his girlfriend Natasha for her birthday.
A friend was also 17 years old, and a girl was 18.
At the birthday party besides us with a friend and a birthday girl there were 3 more girls: Julia, Nastya and Masha.
Birthday cope with Natasha at home.
Parents laid the table, while they themselves went to the country with an overnight stay.
Since it was summer in July, everyone was lightly dressed, the girls had mini-skirts and tight T-shirts, all had bare feet. Mom sex tube online.

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