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My hands, she put on her small breasts, and I began to knead and stroke them.
For the first time in the evening, Nina began to moan.
This went on for a few minutes, finally Natasha trembled and began to arch her back.

Nina shoved me away and showed me to sign, so that I too leaned over and sat next to her legs.
Again, we together began to lick Natasha’s pussy.
Now Natasha was twitching with her whole body, she was moaning and sighing from pleasure.
A stormy orgasm shook her and she went limp as the first time.
Then we began to kiss only with ourselves.
Nina was able to do it, she worked the language in my mouth, moved to my neck, face.
To make it easier to kiss, she sat on my lap, so that my dick was between her legs, just opposite the entrance to her pussy.
But she stubbornly did not let him inside, and he only rubbed on her tight sexual lips.
I covered her whole body with delicious kisses.
From this, red spots appeared on her body.
But, on my back, I felt like she was thrusting her claws into my back.
Finally, I could not stand it and lowered her on the stomach.
She began to rub a puddle of sperm with her hand and pulling the ring on the navel.
So that she was pleased, I knelt down and tongue brought her to orgasm.
She fell on her back and screamed.
Such an orgasm in women, I have not seen.
We lay thirty minutes, recuperated.
Then they all sat down on the sofa and continued the conversation.
– Yes, Andrei, I liked you.
If this happens every time, then perhaps I will let you have something else.
– said Nina.
Her hands touched my dick.
And taking his trunk, began to masturbate.
– Yes, he did.
But Nina, we will talk to him about it.
– Natasha asked Nina, and also put her hand on my balls.
She was on the other side.
– I do not know.
– Nina continued to masturbate my dick, forcing him to wake up.
“What are you talking about with me?”
– I asked.

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– You know, Andrei, we still have two little pranks.
But you must promise to be silent, and not be offended if something is wrong.
And even if you do not like what we offer, then you must leave and forget us.
– continued Nina.
– Speak.
I promise to be silent.
– We love mutual “golden rain”, well, you probably understand what is at stake.
– Nina stopped jerking my boyfriend, and sighed heavily, continued: – In addition, we love girls.
Little girls, about ten or twelve.
We pick them up at the stations and in the doorways and arrange a holiday in our country house.
This goes on for several days.
Then we give the drug, and the girl forgets everything.
But we have long wanted to see an adult man fuck a girl, and the blood mixed with her juice will bring us pleasure.
Therefore, we want to offer this to you.
You want to participate in this.
It is dangerous.
But it gives even more exotic.
So you agree.
– I will say this, about the “golden rain” I have not tried.
But I do not mind, especially since they treat urine.
And what about the girls.
I have never imagined myself with them.
And so I want to try.
I agree.
– I replied.
– You see, he agreed.
– Natasha was delighted and began to masturbate even more.
Nina grinned and suddenly, without a word, became cancer.
– For this, enter me from behind.
– She asked, and continued: – Only I first want you in the ass.
And then I will let you in the front.
Natasha bring the vibrator.
I did not wait when they asked me twice, and stooping down, began to lick the anus.
I penetrated the tongue far into the rectum, in order to smear the entrance with more saliva, then, sitting down, drove the member right away.
It was evident that Nina’s ass was designed, it can be seen with a vibrator, so the member entered at the very balls.
Meanwhile, Natasha brought a vibrator.
She crawled under Nina and lay down so that it was possible to hand and vibrator, ram her pussy.
I felt the vibrator’s body through the transition between the vagina and the anus.
Nina turned and kissed me.
Now she sent, finally, my end in her long-awaited pussy.
Nina lay down on me, and began podmahivat ass.

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Natasha fell on top of her and became a vibrator to fuck her friend’s ass.
I don’t know how much time passed before the orgasm shook us again.
We could not even stand up.
After resting, the women got up and invited me to follow them to the bathroom.
There Natasha, after letting in water, lay down on the bottom of the bath.
Nina crouched over her head.
A spurt of urine flowed between her legs right into Natasha’s mouth.
I could not resist, and stooping down, I began to swallow Nina’s urine with my hand.
She smiled, and pushed me into the bathroom.
I lay down next to Natasha from her face smelt of urine. Mommy sex online.

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