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She still did not know about the office romance.
Svetlana started at the words of her lover.
She was thrown into a fever, dizzy.

She was shown that Natalia knows about him.
She was ashamed.

In vain she shared anxiety with her friend.
With a lively husband? -What’s wrong with that? I have a lover for over a year.
-How? – the girlfriend was surprised.
She was struck by the ease with which she uttered these words, as if about something ordinary.
– And you so calmly talk about it.
And you are not afraid of her husband? -Well, I do not advertise my relationship with Andrey.
-How? Andrew? – during the conversation for the first time Svetlana smiled.
She presented a little puny kid next to a gorgeous blonde.
– You’re lying.
– What lie to me.
He is a great man.
Well, nothing that growth is small.
But in bed.
– Romantic smile spread across her face.
“At first there was Edward,” the smile slipped from her face, she became sad.
“But he soon found another, I began to forget.
I think he went into it with his head.

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We were just friends.
Think about it.
Trust me.
I will help you.
-Who, into her? Do you know her? – cautiously asked Svetlana.
I can feel it.
Edward is not a bad lover, but.
This conversation left a noticeable mark on Svetlana’s soul.
My heart felt better.
All this time, Edward did not betray his desire for intimacy with Svetlana, but she herself did not dare.
He was elegant, attentive, but outwardly indifferent to his secretary.
None of the colleagues could not suspect them in the office romance.
One of the warm spring evenings, Edward, as usual, briefly delayed after work.
Having finished the business, Svetlana gathered to leave, as a girl of about eighteen entered the reception room.
A young slim figure, a charming sweet face, a short skirt that exposes beautiful legs, a tight-fitting T-shirt, especially emphasizing the already beautiful high breasts.
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