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Ilana looked at the hostess with all her eyes, not realizing that she could kindle her like this.
After all, Marianna often caressed her breasts, crawled under tight bottoms, stroked round buttocks, but always remained calm at the same time.
And here.

Mistress looked at her slave with a hazy look and said in a stifled voice: “Today you will sleep with me.”
You will cook.

In the meantime, suck my beauties.
Then she abruptly got out of bed and, having picked up the torn shirt from the floor, quickly left the room.
All the second half of the day, Ilana sucked off the hermofroditas alternately, until the colored circles flashed before her eyes, and she did not hang on the “T” – shaped support.
Only then did the Lady order the servants to drag her aside and wash.
Sitting on her throne, she smiled fiercely, watching as the slave, exhausted to the limit, was seated in a wheelchair, as they wiped her face, covered with sticking sperm that became sticky, like a huge pear-shaped gag was stuffed into her mouth.

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The maidservants already wanted to take the powerless girl away to her room, but Marianna stopped them, ordering them to tie the slave to a pole mounted in the floor in the far corner of the throne room.
– Let stand up to dinner! – She barked, examining a girl pulled to a thick post – And you are dragging this new bitch here! Only be careful! She is too brisk.
It would not have escaped.
The maidens hastily withdrew, and the Mistress, sitting on her beloved throne, stared unblinkingly at Ilana, who was struggling to stand on her feet.
The appearance of the “new guest” was inhibited for unknown reasons, and Marianne was already beginning to get nervous.
She then suddenly jumped up and ran with great strides into the huge room, then sat down again in her favorite place, drumming her fingers on the armrests so that, after sitting for a few moments, she would jump to her feet again.
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