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Mom slept, turning to the side, just as she had just been lying.
Inside it was her father’s sperm, the one from which she herself, when she appeared.
It was very good and anxious.

She sat quietly, then crawled to the door on all fours, and she groped to the door jamb, to the touch, rose, and also, to the touch, quietly left the house.
In the courtyard was the same darkness.
Somewhere far the window was burning, in someone’s dacha.
No burning lanterns along the road, no light from the neighbors.
It was total darkness.
She from memory, to the touch, found this bench and now sat on it, climbing with her legs, clasping them with her arms and sideways leaning against the back.
– It will be necessary to wash a bathrobe – she thought – now it flows out of me and everything is absorbed into the bathrobe – It was wet between my legs, she ran her finger there and sniffed it.
It smelled of sperm and its lubricant.
“I came from this, myself when it happened, exactly from the same, only with my mother’s egg,” she thought again, and licked her finger — what a tart — now I understand my mother why she clings to him so much.
From such a member does run away – not ashamed of his thoughts, she thought, not regretting what happened.
She closed her eyes and listened to herself.
It was sweet, between my legs I ached a little – what kind of a member is he – she thought with admiration and warmth.
Two thoughts were disturbing: suddenly, someone was awake and heard something, although it was dark.
Another thought was more disturbing: did the father realize with whom he had sex.
And if he understood or even knew, he knew exactly how to proceed now.

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Thoughts were interrupted by someone leaving the house with a flashlight.
She sat down normally, to the touch, straightening her dressing gown, squeezing her legs tightly and touching her pocket in her pocket, melting a swimsuit.
It turned out to be a grandfather who lit it, came up and asked a little surprised – Lena, what are you sitting here, alone in the dark? Can’t sleep? – and without waiting for an answer, he sat down next to her, hugged her shoulders, gently pressing her back.
– I can not sleep something, such a night today, dark and there is no light anywhere.
So good, she said.
– You are not frozen? – worried grandfather.
– No, everything is fine.
Don’t worry, she answered.
– We once, with your grandmother, went to Peter now, and then Leningrad, on white nights.

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was also romantic – the grandfather said, turning off the flashlight.
– What is darkness.
Beautiful night – the grandfather said again.
“Very, beautiful night,” she said, and rested her head on her grandfather’s shoulder.
– Let me bring in a pile, and we’ll drink? – suggested grandfather.
– Come on – she agreed quietly.
Grandfather turned on the flashlight and went to the house.
He brought an opened bottle of wine and two small, faceted glasses.
Poured, putting the included flashlight on the bench, handed one cup to her granddaughter.
– Let’s drink this night? – suggested grandfather.
– With pleasure, grandfather.
– She answered, they clinked glasses and drank.
They put the cups next to the bottle, and the grandfather turned off the flashlight.
– Let’s just sit in the dark – the grandfather said, hugging his granddaughter, she again leaned her head against him and they, silently, sat, each thinking about her.
My story is very unusual for our society, and you should start with a small introduction, which foreshadowed further events.
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