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Passed fire and water, and stumbled only on copper pipes.
Loving you more than your mortal body, ready to give your mind and heart, if you only ask.
Call me please.

Do not let me feel that I could help and did not have time.
That I should have been there and knew nothing about you being in trouble.
Do not let me destroy yourself, please.
Always yours
Lilka’s call was caught at the moment when I was driving in a taxi after meeting with another customer of corporate training.
The time was already late, the negotiations were tight, I was rather annoyed, and here you were with Lilka with my next love collapse.
I knew for sure where to look for a friend.
Mentally, Lilka, I asked the taxi driver a new place of arrival.
Visitors are young people who appreciate the opportunity to hang out, a variety of cocktails, the lack of club pathos.
Crossing the threshold of the bar, in my trouser three-piece suit, I looked more than alien against the background of the regulars.
The unruffled barman politely greeted me and wished me a pleasant

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Lilka I found at the same rack, in the very corner.
A kind of unripe individual of slurred appearance spun excitedly around Lilka.
Fortunately, he had the brains to retreat at my approach.
– BUT! Well, finally, – Lil’ka sluggishly saluted me a cocktail, nearly spilling the contents of the glass on herself.
Hmm, it seems better that “Saturn is no longer to pour.”
“I sat down on a nearby high stool and ordered a Margarita for myself.”
“I’m ready to listen to you,” I said as gently as possible, “come on, tell me what kind of boom did you overcome?” Lilka sniffed contemptuously and put in front of me a golden iridescent medium-sized gift bag in front of me: “What can I tell you, on – better admire!” Without a second thought, I looked inside.

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Frankly, the contents of the package were somewhat discouraged, I realized that this evening I would hardly be able to get off with a simple nodding and assent while Lilka pours out his soul.
– Um.
what is it? – I asked carefully, in order to stimulate the flow of Lilkina confession.
– Is it not visible? – with evil evil lips twisted Lilka.
– X.
r with rhinestones! “And it was not a metaphor: at the bottom of the brilliant package there lay a twenty-centimeter dildo of the color of“ furious fuchsia ”with two rows of tiny rhinestones encircling the base of the trunk; This disgrace was decorated with a decorative bow with curled ribbons.
Lil’kina’s eyes threw lightning at me and I quickly switched it to another object.
– And who presented you this.
wonder? – Vaaaaadik, nit, – our creative! – a mad cow roared Lil’ka, with all the dope snapped his fist on the rack.
A glass with the remnants of Daiquiri flew off the bar and, dying before death, crashed at the feet of the bartender.
Silently taking the bill, I repaid the damage to the institution, at the same time wondering how it would be more convenient to neutralize the raging Lilka.
While I was thinking, my girlfriend smacked my Margarita and in one gulp drained the glass to the bottom, as if the sweetness of the cocktail could drown out the accumulated spiritual bitterness.
– Bitch !.
GOA promised me a birthday present, and I myself drove off with my tarry !.
And I now slipped it here! Yes, even with a courier !!! – belka Lilka roared, while I, holding her loose lightness around the waist, led me out of the bar and put me into a taxi.
In the car, Lilka was completely unhappy.
All the way, I listened to her drunken nonsense with the edge of my ear that life is unfair, all men are goats and in general, the blame for everything is the karma of her great-grandmother who managed to pass on the crown of celibacy through generations.
By the end of the road, I already clearly realized that I was ready to strangle Lilka.
About what works I had to drag the drunken owner of thirteen-centimeter studs with all her junk on the fourth floor, the conversation was separate, but as they say – the first step was the hardest.
When only two flights of stairs and a corridor were left to Lilkina’s apartment, the birthday girl began to wriggle out of my arms with enviable persistence.
– No, well, I che, much need what?!.
I’m not asking for much.
I just want impressions.
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