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Here one could calmly talk, with the legs hanging over, there were no thugs below.
– Look, you learned to fight somewhere! – Are you jealous? – Perhaps.
I envy the skills, but not the article on which you got here.

– And what’s your article? The case is ordinary, the wife passed out of principle.
You know yourself, we live in the world of informers! – Walked a lot, what – casino cards, mistresses? – No, she just noticed that I am excited from other women, of a certain appearance and with certain inclinations.

Gave a BDSM session, having filmed it on the sly on video, filed a lawsuit.
– I would have strangled the snake! – She is aware that I will not touch her.
– Under the heel, what? – Shut up, listen how it was !.
At trial, among the jurors, were two young mischief.
– You wanted to say “bitches”? – Remember, fraer, I do not use bad words about women.
Not “bitches”, namely pests.
One was short, thin, with long dark hair – not so completely beautiful, but nothing, now she began to seem oh-oh-very beautiful, after a brief acquaintance with her.

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The other is bigger, blonde, with regular features.
They took me to a separate room, they undressed me, they pinched my nipples to a sharp pain, very playfully.
I did not understand then what trap they lured me into.
Both tried as best they could, but the brunette was more agile.
I felt her flexible fingers and hot palm massage my groin – energetic movements, not without amenity! Then she took up personal belongings, very confidently.
From her hand and the slight pain turning into strong, I got excited, and she, biting her lip, began to weigh the holes in my balls.
I whispered one time: I’ll pinch it, I’ll twist it into a ram’s horn! And here she added with a weighty argument – she squeezed, as if she had a wrist expander.
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