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If he is not at home, he will find him elsewhere.
– And what should she do? Forget about the duties of the mother and courting a selfish husband? – Why.
selfish? If you stop smiling at me, rejoice at my appearance in the house, hug me first just like that – then I will also stop feeling like a man, next to you.

– And if I grow fat like this, stop looking good, will you love me? – Of course! But.
– What – but? – Most likely, the nights of passion and love will become rare.
We men need aesthetics! – And attention and love to us! – Agreed! You will not swell like a barrel, but I will not turn into a miser and a grumbler! After dinner, Sergey asked Polina to arrange for him to show him the items he bought at the store today.
The girl spent on shopping two hours of time and a significant amount of her savings (categorically refusing to accept Sergey’s money), acquiring new outfits for herself.

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By some miracle, they entered the department, where a promotional event was held today, and very beautiful and stylish things were very cheap.
Of course, Polina could not have known that Sergey had notified the store manager of their arrival in advance, and warned that he would pay for everything that would please his companion.
– If you see that she takes something to measure, say the price so that she decided to buy it.
At least ten times fold.
Therefore, when the girl noticed the dress she liked very much, which was just incredibly expensive for her, she admired, the manager was shocked by her news that today this thing costs 1200.
The girl with a sinking heart asked for the cost and when she received confirmation again, bouncing and holding back a joyous squeak, she ran into the fitting room.

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Then she was pleased with discounts on shoes, skirts, tops, underwear sets and accessories.
Having spent only 8000 with a trifle, Polinka became the owner of a stunning wardrobe.
Just coming out with packages from the boutique, she believed in the reality of what is happening.
– Sergei! This is some kind of miracle! It’s almost for nothing! – You have just a good day today! – Yes! Look – look! In the next department, the same thing, firms are worse, but costs ten times more! Pancake! That’s cool! – Are you satisfied? – I’m just happy! – Let’s go to the jewelry? – No no no! – Come on!
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