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Look how she twisted, she was rather weak on the front end, – for some reason, Polina Sergeyevna shook her head a little irritably at the side of the whining me and Percy.
“What a bitch you have, decided to seduce my Percy.”
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It was a very thin jokes on the verge of a foul.
A hint at Alena’s well-known past, but she didn’t lead an eyebrow.
Do not worry, she will not lead you to your love, chick, ”the Lady replied with a smirk.
– Yes, and he is unlikely to be able to credit her here, he used to do it on the bed.
Well, that was more than a hint.
At least it seemed so to me, because as soon as it was with my head that I was full.
Thrusting and sniffling a cold nose into my slit with excitement, Percy made a fatal movement with his tongue, licking a protruding clitoris-sized thimble of tender folds that caused a real animal orgasm in me.
Under my bitches of whining joy, my back arched in an incredible arc and the hungry cunt “watered” the grass and the nose of my furry cavalier.
Percy decided that he had pleased me enough and got up on his hind legs, intending to take his own bitch from this bitch, but the two-legged bitch-mistress hissed discontentedly at the poor fellow, pulled the leash and dragged him away from the female who was ready for mating.
Well, I broke off such a date, ”Alena snickered and patted her thigh, ordering me to take a seat beside her.
For a couple of moments, the thought occurred to me to go back, under a sheepdog, to let her ride me and calm my hungry black pussy with a strong canine member.
But the obsession was short-lived, and soon I was dropping rare drops of

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love secretions from my swollen labia to the ground next to the Mistress.
Not before I see the vaccination certificates from the vet.
You never know what Percy can pick up from your Lola, ”said Alyona’s opponent dryly, barely holding back a dog rushing towards me.

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– And now I have to go.
I came to remind you about the muzzle.
It will be stupid if, because of the court proceedings, you so soon lose your second dog.
In response, Alain quietly and extremely annoyed something grumbled, something about the bitch that this muzzle is surely more necessary.
And then she stroked my head.
Ah, well played by Lola, even too well.
You finished? – strictly asked the Mistress.
In me everything sank – after all, really finished! Without permission! Nudging and licking her hand, I playfully jumped back and turned onto my back, having cheered my limbs merrily and innocently clapping my eyes.
It has already become clear to me that she treats dogs better than people, therefore, it is better to ask for forgiveness to the bitch Lola than to the person.
And she was right.
Alyona gave a fist to the cam from the show I set up and covered my mouth with my palm, hiding a cheerful smile.
That is because the nosy rascal, yours took, – caressing my tum, the Mistress could not resist.
– It is not good for a bitch to report to the mistress for ejaculation.
But whore Lola has no such privilege.
I licked her hand again, but now more in gratitude for kindness and care.
Not quite pathetically patting my chest, Alain removed the camera and fastened the leash.
Back I was returning fun and at ease, rather than when I went out.
The privilege of a bitch raised my spirits great, I was not averse to even spend all 5 months, I was well aware how unreal it is – these two little bitch singers won’t leave me alone so easily.
At the entrance to the staircase, we slowed down until we stopped at all.
Her beautiful face expressed deep thought and indecision.
Alain dreamily tapped her chin with her index finger, as if thinking about an important step.
Lola, my dear, wait a little here, I plan to force things a little.
In some gladness, it will be even better for you.
If you sit down earlier, you will get out earlier, – Alynna winked, dialing someone’s phone.
From what she said, I understood almost nothing.
Hello, Oleg, it’s me.
No, everything is okay.
Sorry for not calling you for a long time.
Stuck in a difficult situation, but now everything is in the openwork.
I need to visit Richard.
Not with you?.
Here you burn a pancake, how could you ?.
Oh, I understand.
a thousand apologies, I really was completely in.
Sorry Dahu let you down, but now I’m in a hurry to please you – I’m ready to atone for the blame and pick him up today.
Call them, I’ll be there in half an hour.
No, I’m not at school.
I had an unexpected vacation, which ends the other day.
Of course, see you soon, say hello to Rita.
Bye Bye.
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