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Finally, Uncle Misha finished.
I was a cancer, a member of my mother’s lover was pulsing in me, I felt his sperm fill me.
An hour later, we left the bath in other ways

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– What are you flushed, – smiled to us mom, meeting us in the house.
– Nice steamy, immediately obvious.
“Yes, nice,” Uncle Misha winked at me, and I blushed even more.
It happened in Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban.
Hermione and Harry got dressed and waited for Professor Lupine to take on the appearance of a werewolf.
Yes, it was good.
– thought Harry and saw Sirius coming out from under the Rattlesnake, followed by Peter Pettigrew, Harry himself and Hermione with Ron.
And it all started like this: We must wait.
Said Potter.
Will wait.
Granger said and sat down on the grass with Harry.
What do we do? Harry asked Hermione.
I do not know.
Said Hermione, glaring at Harry.
And let’s kiss? – said Harry and squeezed his eyes, expecting a blow to the stubble.
Come on.
Said Hermione uncertainly, and she began kissing Harry.
After a few minutes of kisses, a wave of excitement filled Harry and Hermione and they quickly began to take off their clothes from each other.

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Harry removed her pink blouse and blouse from Hermione and saw two small breasts suitable for her age.
He gently touched them, crumpled them, heard Hermione’s sweet moans and began to nibble and lick them.
Hermione moaned, wriggled from an unbearable rush of excitement, and Harry finished the deal with the breasts, removed her jeans from Hermione and saw a wet spot in his underpants.
Hermione took off her shirt with Harry, then her pants and saw a hillock in shorts.
Harry removed her panties from Hermione and began to lick her wet pussy.
Hermione moaned and squirmed under Harry, trying to relieve the tension.
Licked her pussy, Harry put his finger into her vagina and began to move them back and forth.
Hermione could not stand it and finished on Harry’s hand.
Having a little rest, Hermione let down her pants with Harry and saw his cock.
Looking at him a bit, she jerked him off with her hand and began to suck.
Harry could not stand it, clutched his hands in her brown hair and began to move his pelvis towards.
Oh yeah.
– spoke Harry, looking in the sky.
After a few minutes, Harry unfolded Hermione, smeared her dick with juices, spread her buttocks and put a dick in her ass.
Hermina screamed in pain, but then she calmed down with pleasure.
Harry and Hermione quietly moaned from pleasure.
Suddenly Harry fucked Hermione, feeling her chest alternately, and Hermione, feeling the itch in her vagina, shoved her fingers in there and moved them just like Harry was with her dick.
Suddenly, Harry pulled a member out of Hermione and stuck it in the vagina.
Ay! – cried out Hermione, feeling that something broke in her pussy. Sex and the city film online.

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